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Roomates Gril Friend

Post by mrmakkey » Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:47 pm

I need some advice on a situation that has recently arrose, so I have two roomate (both are in the program), one is a girl and one is a guy, i shall refer to them as John and Jane. I have been having problems with john's girlfriend who i shall refer to as Jill. Jill is also best friends with Jane and spends a large amount of time at the apartment. I have been trying to cope and be understanding about this, I have even talked to her about leaving messes, using half of the towels we have to wipe off her makeup (which are white and become stained and now look gross). She can be very controlling and we have started to butt heads. Now typically with my roomate Jane, when we get in an argument, we will take the time to talk it out, these ussually develope over things like using the projector in the living room since it is our only source of tv, but we are typically able to compromise and watch something, but it always seems like im the one who has to compromise, especially when jill is there. So last night, she had said something about an idea she had, and the 3 people in the room aat the time decided to give her some crap and all claimed it was their idea (joking of course) and right after i turned around and said it was my idea, she got very upset and focused on me, brought up the fact that jane and I had an argument the night before and told me that there was something wrong with me that I needed to look at, at which point I told her if she didn't like it she could get the F*** out and stay somewhere else while her parents were in town at the condo they let her stay at. Then she tried to guilt me by saying how could i say that and that she has no where else to go. which isn't true at all considering she has other friends with apartments. She is very incosiderate and is really testing my spirituality and patience. I feel like I should probably apologize to her, but how can I bring this arguement to an end and get back to when we were friends. FYI we are all in AA