Single Moms

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Re: Single Moms

Post by » Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:11 am

I'm a single mom, I have been clean for almost 60 days now, Its been a struggle but, im doing it for me first and for my family. I have to do it for me first cause if i don't ill fall to pieces. I look at my daughter and see that i dont want her to grow up like i did with both alcoholic parents. I want to break the cycle in my family. Im having a hard time but i go to meetings every night and if i cant make it to a physical meeting i find one online or a message board to vent on. if i need it. I have both addictions alcohol and drugs. I have been doing alot better for a much longer time with the alcohol but the drugs is what tore me up. everytime i would get a little bit of money out the door it went to the dealer, I couldnt stop myself but i presently have almost 60 days for that and almost 8 yrs in jan for drinking,. i just have to keep check on what triggers me. In time i see it got easier. the longer i had without picking up a drink the easier it became cause everytime i wanted to i would look at my daughter who was incapiibale of taking care of herself without me. how it all started was i got poregnant from a brutal sexual assault. i found out i was preg on jan 9th of 2001. i immediately got rid of everything. I had to go through a trial and court sessions for what had happened to me. But all through that i stayed sober 1 because i didnt want to hurt the baby i was carrying. But right after i had her i wasnt sure what to do. i didnt know if i could take care of her. a friend of mine stepped in and is helpping me. I had the trial still going on and court session to be at for what had happened. But i remained sober through all of it. I had to go in with a clear head. not hungover or still drunk from the night before. and after that was all over. i just remained sober for my daughter which i chose to keep. I have had a tough road but as a addict i wanted to run to the easiest way out. the emotional pain was unbearable,. but i did it sober. and ya know what i remember everything that happened. Truely sobriety is the way to go. I dont preach about it like alot of other ppl./ i just say whats good for me. If you need to chat with another recovering addict and you have yahoo messender look me up i will talk with you . if not you may email me I will do my best to help you but you have to be willing to help yourslef for that precious gift you recieved. Take care and Bless you. If you need me email or IM ill help you if i can. Dee

Re: Single Moms

Post by Guest » Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:17 pm

hey have been clean for 70 days and i feel it would be selfish to use drugs or drink being a proud single mother of a 7 month old!

Single Moms

Post by Laurie » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:39 pm

I would like to hear from anyone who is a single mom in recovery. I am just a week into this program with AA and I have to tell you when I get home I am very patient with the kids and we do things and go swimming but the minute the whining starts when they don't get their way I want to take a drink so I don't yell at them.
Also my ex still drinks and we have many functions to attend for both children. That/he is also a big trigger for me.
Just curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for me.