The future of our relationship depends on it

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The future of our relationship depends on it

Post by Rodg214 » Wed May 23, 2012 7:40 pm

Hello everyone' I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. We faught for each other since day one. When I met my boyfriend I had no idea of his past and that he was on parole. A lillte after we had been dating he got a DUI a pretty bad one and flipped his car. He served I think something like 9 months and I stud by his side every step of the way. I just wanted him to be better and for him to have a chance to have the whole world to see what I could see. He came with the mind set that he didnt want to mess up again. He was doing amazing he stopped the drugs he found a job and was really trying to be responsible. But then there was the drinking. It started off at all the time and he could never just have one or two drinks. He would have to drink to get wasted all the time. And he would get mean very mean. One fight even got phyiscal. After he woke up the next day and saw what he had done he said he was stop. Well he didn't stop but he cut down. Instead of drinking basically every day he would on the weekends. But even then it was bad. He just turned pure evil like so drying clicks inside of him and he goes blank. The last two week we went to costa rica and for the most of the trip is was awful. He would do nothing but drink the he get angry and mean and we'd fight non stop. The last fight was the worst he said some unforgiviable things to me. I was so upset that all I wanted to do was go ho e and stay away from him. I wouldn up staying and he promised me up ad down that be would stop he would do anything. He lived up to the promise for the most part the last 4 days of vacation. Those last four days I felt like I had the love of my back. HE WAS AMAZING I really thought he was serious up until he braught a bottle of rum to bring home to "drink with the boys" I felt like my heart sunk when he said that. I was so upset and he knew it. The next dad he asked if we were okay and I told him a can't keep doing this anymore I can't keep living life wondering is it gonna be ok today is something gonna blow up? To top it off my parents don't exactly like him can you blame them no, but it ms,es my situation worse because I told him that he can't see me until he goes and gets help and he will I have a gut feeling he will because I think he loves me at leads. And if he goes I'm gonna be there to support him. I just don't have anyone to talk to I dont kow if I am doing anything right or what I need to do more to help him get through this drinking problem. I think that if he were to sit down with my parents and explain everything then everything would be so much better but I know he will never do that so for now I just gotta sneak around like I'm 16 again. All because I love him