Going Back to Where it All Started

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Re: Going Back to Where it All Started

Post by ROSES2012 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:37 pm

Hey - how the hell can i email people on this site like for chatting??

Going Back to Where it All Started

Post by abclimo » Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:15 pm

Hi. I have been posting on here quite a bit since the end of the summer and have found so many posts here to be inspiring and thought provoking, all good of course. I recently had to go back to where my addiction all began and it was exceptionally scarry for me. I have quite a few health issues and spent approximately 2/3 of last year in the hospital almost dying more than once. I had some physicians, who in their wisdom, decided that I should be on large amounts of oral pain medications and a pain patch in addition to it. When I would voice that I had some discomfort, they would just increase the dosage. They even called in the hospital pain management physician who doubled what I was prescribed at that point. Being naive, I trusted them, because they were physicians and knew what they were doing, right? WRONG! They were creating an addict because they were afraid of being sued due to someone being in pain. When I was discharged, I decided that I didn't want the pain patch, it made me sick, so that was now gone from the mix. Here I was still taking this very strong pain medication everyday and with the quantity I was being prescribed, it should have been enough to knock out a very large man. My last hospitalization last year, right before Thanksgiving, I almost died while in the hospital, I was one step away from cardiac arrest, and ended up in the intensive care unit. I was sent to another pain management doctor earlier this past summer and he prescribed 6 pills in addition to what I was currently taking. Things really went down hill from there. With the amount of this medication that I ended up taking, I can only say that I had a higher power, and a team of guardian angels watching over me. I will just say that I wasn't taking them all in the correct manner in which they were prescribed. I realized there was a problem and weaned myself down to 7 pills a day and couldn't decrease them any further. I made the decision to go into a rehab and get drug free. I completed my trip to rehab and came home drug free and feeling so much better than I had in a very long time. I received so many compliments of how good I looked, it made me feel better than any amount of drugs I could take. Right after Thanksgiving this year, I ended back in the hospital that started my drug addiction. I ended up having 3 surgeries in 7 days, so no pain medication was not an option. It was very scary for me being in the hospital with the ability to take pain medications and knowing that I had an addiction issue. This hospital is very free with the pain medications and not shy about prescribing very strong dosages. With being there as long as I was, I was so worried that I would have the urges to use again and to just want to get my hands on anything. Thankfully through the support of my family and friends who know of my problem, I've made it through this storm without any problems. I do have some of the withdrawal symptoms, which I am sure we all know about. It's so difficult for us, who have been addicted to prescription medications, especially if we need medical attention for something. Now that I am home recuperating, I need to get back into reading the Just for Today and attending meetings like I had been. In doing some research I found that prescription pain medication is the form to which there are more people addicted than to anything else. Also, the average addict makes 7 trips through rehab, before they finally get the program and decide to never go back there. I've told my story here now because I'd like to think that maybe it'll help someone else avoid what I've been through and also help us to change the statistics of not going thrugh rehab 7 times before we get it. Let's help each other get through the rough times so we can all get and stay clean. Let's start the coming new year with a new resolve to enjoy our lives clean and free of drugs! Happy New Year to all and enjoy the journey!