My husband the herion addict

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Re: My husband the herion addict

Post by Donna » Tue May 04, 2010 6:13 pm

Hi I went through the same situation with my husband. We were together 28 years until one day at 44 years of age he didn't wake up. He overdosed in his sleep. He swore( even tho many of his friends had died from it) it would never happen to him. He knew what he was doing They didn't! so he said. It was devastating to say the least and we had one child together and it broke my son's heart. I don't know what to tell you to do honestly because it is such a difficult situation, especially when you love and care about them so much. I stayed even tho it killed me to watch him destroy his life. They tell you all kinds of things and you want to believe. I just hope he learns before his number is up and added to the thousands before him that have died from playing with that drug. I wish I could give you some advice but it is really how much do you want to take of that life? are you tired of it? Will you regret not trying if he died? Will you be happier if you leave? The only thing I can suggest is get professional counceling maybe they can help you sort out some of your feelings.Best of Luck Hon, It has been seven years since my loved one died actually tomorrow May 5th I miss him everyday! and I know what you are going through You are really not alone!

Re: My husband the herion addict

Post by annemarie611 » Sat May 01, 2010 10:04 pm

Hi Cindy. I am a recovering alcoholic/addict. When I met my boyfriend almost a year ago, he was a recovering heroin addict. Currently he is in prison. I don't think I need to explain why. I have almost a year clean and in that year I have been lied to, used, robbed and so on. I wish I could offer you advice. I am looking for advice myself. I just wanted to let you know that someone knows what you are feeling.

My husband the herion addict

Post by CindyS » Sat May 01, 2010 1:51 pm

Not really sure how this goes but here is my story...I am 42 years old and am married to an addict. We have been together 6 years, married 3. The signs of this addiction were there before we got married and I just figured he would never go this far. He was addicted to percocet, he was prescribed this for a gun shot wound that has left him partially disabled. He was still employed, in the laborers union and productive when we moved in together. He started taking massive amounts of percocet, 20 at a time 4-5 times a day, because his tolerence was building. One day he came home from work sick. He told me someone at work introduced him to oxycontin. He snorted it. I knew when he fell asleep that was the biggest mistake of his life. From there it was off to the races. He began needing oxycontin to get out of bed. At his peak he was snorting 12-80 mg oxy's, 3 at a time, 4 times a day. At this point we are bringing roughly $1,200.00 per week and his drug habit was $480.00 a day. Needless to say he got involved with crime to support his habit and went to jail. He sat for 11 months and beat the charges. He came home clean, within 6 mos I started noticing a change in him and he had a funny odor to him. I figured it out. He was now snorting herion because it was so cheap. After many confrontations the smell went away, but the addiction didnt. I enrolled in school to become a medical assistant and one day after learning to do venipuncture I noticed a small bump on my husbands arm. He tried to say he ran into something at work. I knew it was intervenous drug use. He has been to rehab, he has a sponsor, he says he goes to the meetings, He was in IOP and recently quit and relapsed briefly, he will be starting all over again today. I just need to know from other people in this situation...How much do I take ? He gets very nasty through the addiction, withdraw, treatment cycle and I think I am ready to give up. I have been through this with him several times and I feel he has no respect or reguard for me. He does what he wants and when he decides to clean up again I am always here cleaning up after him and taking care of him. Somebody please give me your input...