im new to this

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Re: im new to this

Post by jasontorinn » Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:33 pm

hello i am two days clean and also in alot of pain. i am having a hell of a time watching the clock tick by. i am ready for life but it seems i cannot make it past this point. i have hope. how are you feeling. jason

Re: im new to this

Post by guest » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:23 pm

If you think you need help, you do, and the first thing you have to take care of is yourself. You say you are going to school, so start there. Talk to your counselor for advice on local meeting places. They will be more than happy to help you find the resources that you need. Once you find a meeting, you will find so many friends that are willing to help you. You can also call the crisis hotline in your area to find a meeting place that is close to your school and/or home. The point is...get yourself to a meeting as soon as you can! Don't wait for life to find you....find life, and live. You are young, and you can beat this addiction. The fact that you are wise enough to know that things are not right for you right now proves this. You want help, and that is the most important step. Be strong, and take those first steps in getting back the beautiful life you deserve!

Re: im new to this

Post by kristynicole » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:59 am

with in the last couple of days i have been told i have a problem and need to get help. although i do not entirley agree with this assumption i am making an effort to go to meetings. everyone in my house thinks i need to go to meetings but no one will help me out and take me to a meeting and both of my parents are in 17 and cant do this on my own people want me to get clean but no one wants to help me and i dont know what to do.i live in deleware county and go to school so i cant go during the day and i dont have my license so i just need help.

Re: im new to this

Post by Ghost » Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:22 pm

the first step is to admit to having the problem with the drug hiding it doesn't help the situation if you keep hiding it from people u'll never get the help ya need! if u know ya have a problem, you probably do! Congrats for lookin for a new alternative solution by searching for a correction in ya life!! ya need to put yaself first in this situation ya need to kno what is good for ya and what is not if u got to lie to ya job, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife,son, daughter, family member or whoever ya only liein to yaself worst of all you could hurt someone else in the end!!! ya need to find a meetin in ya area go to it it don't matter if you have 1 day 24 hours or an hour if ur goin to these meetings because u know u have a problem the people there will reach out to help thats why na/aa is like a big family if one of us falls thousands are there to help!!! so go to a meeting reach out say whats wrong with ya and what ya want tell people ya want help ya wanna stop then after the meetin see how many people come to you and give advice i guarentee they will. get numbers call people spread out and go to different meetings one day u'll see a speacker up front who is sharing their story and ya find out thats ya story too listen to what they did to correct their life!!!!! na aa is taking each day one day at a time don't worry bout tomorrow worry about today today is the day u realized u have a problem now what are ya gonna do about it!!!!!

Re: im new to this

Post by Guest » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:55 am

I am new to this as well. I had been doing so well. I spent about 10-11 months completely sober and loving life. For some reason I thought i had my drinking completely under control and I got comfortable. I thought I could just go out and have one drink and be fine. Well one drink turned into two, then it escalated quickly.

i don't feel the need to drink everyday, but once I start I cannot stop. I need to be a better friend, husband, father, son and sibling. You are not alone (even though it feels that way sometimes). I too hide it and that is the problem.

We need to stick together and ensure we get through this. Be honest with yourself is the first step. Now we have to be honest to everyone else.

Re: im new to this

Post by lums » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:12 pm

hi there. i am totally new to this too. this is the first time i'm on here and looking for some help. i feel like i can totally relate to what you said, about being good at covering it up. i come from a pretty stable family as far as addictions are concerned. i have always kind of felt like the black sheep of my family for various reasons. lately i have come to the realization that i have a problem. i don't drink every day now, but i used to. the only reason i don't now is because i am aware that i have a problem and think i am trying to fool myself into thinking i'm ok, when i know i'm not and i think that if i don't drink every day then i'm fine (not true). sometimes when i am alone, i drink to the point of blacking out. and i do really stupid stuff like making inappropriate comments to people online, or texting people crazy stuff. and the day after, i always regret it and swear i won't do it again. my relationship with my partner has been affected by my drinking big time. i keep telling her i have control over it, and she keeps telling me i don't. but i know she is right. my friends and family have no idea that i have a problem. i think it's because i am not to the point that i have completely ruined my life yet or gotten in trouble from it yet, but i'm definately headed that way if i don't stop it now.
maybe we can kind of keep eachother accountable or something. i was looking into going to an AA meeting or something. i'm nervous about it though. hope you are well. stay strong.

im new to this

Post by yup » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:45 pm

Im new to this. I know i have a problem with drinking. Example i was supposed to be at work today at 1am but i went out at 4pm and got home at 7pm. Then i called out of work stating i have the flu thats been going around work, and went out again to the bar at 9:30 and stayed out till 5am. I told my boyfriend that i went to work and then i went to sleep at my parents house around 5am.(he works 3rd shift) I lied to them and said i got out of work early and had a fight with my boyfriend so i wanted to sleep at their house for a little. i got home at 9:30am and my boyfriend totally thought i went to work and came home. The thing is I am really good at hiding my problem. I did awesome for about a year and a half with not going out to the bar and not drinking basically at all. But for the last 2 months ive been screwing up. I seem to be going to the bar more and more. I wanna get back to were i was at home and fine with just being there. Ive said to my boyfriend and best friends before that i think im an alcoholic. They have all said that im not. But I think they say that because i hide it well. And then there is my brother..He is a drug addict and alcoholic. 2 dui's in a week, jail, suicide threats.. you know the whole nine yards. My thing is i dont wanna be like him (at all). I dont know I guess i just needed to vent. I wanna ask my mom to go to an AA meeting with me but i dont want her to be disappointed in me. (She grew up with my grandfather as an alcoholic). My parents have already so much to deal with cause of my brother, i dont wanna put anything else on them. Tomorrow is a new day and i can start again.