new here and I need help bad

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Re: new here and I need help bad

Post by sagelove2011 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:25 pm

Well, well, I finally have got up enough courage to call out for help. I am 67 years old, divorced mother of 2 adult children and am a proud grandmother of 5. I have been drinking alcohol since my teen years. When I became an adult I would drink just at social affairs and the weekends. Here for the past 10 years have been drinking after work and constantly on the weekends. I mean all during the night on the weekends I would be coming downstairs making a drink. I have serious medical problems such as asthma, Afib, hypertension. I am a lonely person who just broke a bad dysfunctional relationship with a man who is 18 years younger than me and suffering with bi-polar disorder. The man exploited me and for almost a month I have been drinking more. I have been praying for the dear Lord to help pull myself out of this slump I have put myself in. I retired from a job during 2008 and stayed home for 9 months. I got bored and I was drinking too much. So I got myself another job. By drinking everyday after work I find myself not fully alert the following day at work. Today at work I got online and found this website. When I got home I poured all of the alcohol down the sink. I have started taking a anti-alcohol support supplement called Kudzu. This really helps me. So right now I am drinking a lot of water trying to flush out my system. I have too much to live for and I must be strong and survive this disease. Hopefully with the support I anticipate getting from Sobriety Online I will move on with my life a better and sober person.

Re: new here and I need help bad

Post by stilldoingit » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:34 am

I use to like to fight, when i drank, till the next day,aways felt like an asshole, use to drink and party and throw up so i thought i was pretty cool, i drank alot, started doing the before work, lunch, and after work, i was on a 12noon to 8:30pm shift, whata you think of them hours for partying. they were great, long story short go to meetings...Don't drink and go to meetings, bring your body around to meetings and ypur brain will follow. i don't know how many meeting you need so go to one every day for 90 days and if your not satisfied we will gladly refund your misery. i don't know you but i do because your me 30yrs ago. i knoe that seens long but i do it one day at a time, in the begining it was an hour, a minute or a thought at a time. make one meeting today, it works well, easy does it, and keep coming back. *this journey starts the first step and that step is the scariest one of all, that step is the one when your feet hit the floor and your ass leaves the couch to go out the door to your meeting, when your stomach is churning and your mind is confussed and you think i'll go tommarow that is the biggest step you can that you can take, just do it, don't think, don't drink and make a meeting today.... bob w.

Re: new here and I need help bad

Post by nojuiceforbruce » Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:38 pm

yes I have advice ---- GET NEW FRIENDS! Avoid people, places, and things that will lead you to drinking or using and you do that, plus develop new relationships with new SOBER friends, at AA, NA, CA (Cocaine Anonymous). Just look at your life now. I looked at my life-- I had to make a behavior change (which I got by following a 12-step program) and that happened in AA. Please give it a try.

Re: new here and I need help bad

Post by Roy » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:03 am

Hello candy my name is Roy I'm from Bridesburg in Philly.I just want to let you know you are not alone.I am 43yrs.old with a great wife and beautiful daughter,I finally stood up and became a true husband and dad.I went to Seabrook House(Seabrook NJ) in Oct,2010 stayed for 30 days and been clean ever since.Let me tell you the more drugs and alcohol you do the worse you will feel (mentally and physically)you will feel like your not normal not like everyone else but you are normal trust me.I had friends I hung out with had to cut them out,not true friends,find new friends or old friends that don't party.You know what you have to do stand up and do it. Let me tell you every time you snort lines,take pills,or drink you are hurting not just yourself but everyone that loves you. (It's time to live life)

Re: new here and I need help bad

Post by JenniBabi097 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:11 am

Heyy, Im new here to and your post sounded just like me I drank alot if i wasnt using or sick and I would blackout start fights get aressted thats why Im on probation now cuz I had pills on me to but started huge gight with my bf dont remeber it In april I got a new po and she made me stop taking my suboxones and xannax so I really didnt have a choice I didnt wanna go to jail but was pissed at her I didnt leave my appartment except to go there 3 days a week I was pissed bc I she took me off "my medicine" but bow Im actually kinda happy but Ill tell ya not many friends stuck by my side but I guess they never were my friends. You dodnt see how bad you actually were till later and Ive relapsed a few times I used to do herion bad my dad passed he had lung cancer and ser and I had money to spend but lost my house and it got raided twice but I wouldnt trade it for anything. I just turned 25 I still have some years ahead of me Ihope and its not gonna be easy. I hope you do ok and if you want to talk ill be on here for a bit I dont know how else to.I didnt really give u advice but I hope it helped!! If I had money today i probally would have fell off so Im glad I came across this. Hope everything works out! Keep ur head up!! Ill keep u in my prayers!

Re: new here and I need help bad

Post by caringmom » Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:42 pm

You sound like my daughter who finally had the courage to recently enter a treatment program. I can only encourage you do the same thing rather than wait more years and watch your life deteriorate. My daughter is a good, caring person who just has an addiction disorder. It's not fair that she has this problem; it is probably inherited, as my sister is a recovering alcoholic and there are addiction problems on both sides of her family. Like any chronic disease, you need to get help and realize that your life can only be normal if you decide it can and should be. When you watch "Biggest Loser" you realize that those obese people are killing themselves with food. You are doing the same thing with drugs and alcohol. They got better and so can you. Please be brave and look into programs. It will be very hard and I am sure that you will think of 100 reasons why you can't go into a 30 day program, but taking the first step will be the most important part of getting better. Good luck - my heart goes out to you.

new here and I need help bad

Post by candy14516 » Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:05 am

Hi I am currently new here and I been strugging with alcohol and drug addiction for quite sometime now. I am almost 25 years old and I been drinking for years and I was always unable to drink in moderation instead I always would drink until I blacked out or passed out. Alcohol has been a issue in my past relationships causing fights. I'm not sure if I can fully pull myself out of this I double think myself and think hey maybe I don't have a problem and it is especially hard to try and stop since all my friends drink and party and I feel like I dont know any other way to enjoy myself besides partying and drinking. My alcohol abuse has increased I drink on my lunch breaks and had left work numerous times because I wanted to drink more and I just started smoking marijuana on a frequent basis including lunch breaks or going to or from work. I recently went through a short stage of cocaine abuse as well. I been struggling with bulemia for a few years now and I abuse a substance called "phentemine" to try and lose weight as I am at a normal size already and I shouldn't be taking it at all. Also I been prescribed anti depressants for at least almost a year now and a part of me feels that medication has maybe increased my alcohol and substance abuse. I just totally feel so messed up and I feel I am getting worse day by day and I don't have the strength or courage to pull myself out and I don't know if I ever will. I really don't want to be this person I have become and I know I want a better life for myself but actions speak louder than words. I feel totally alone embarassed and scared and I dont know what to do or even where to begin any advice? :(