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Re: slip up

Post by jksmith116 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:31 am

I just replied to someone that requested support and I feel like a hypocrite. I went to Rehab back in November and just slipped up this weekend. I've had 2 yrs of sobriety about 3 years ago and just recently 9 months. I thought I had it all under control back then so I had just one drink and one drink led to another.

I used to miss work and did that again this past Friday when I missed work. Anyway, I realized that I felt like I was losing control. My husband has had medical issues for the past 2 years and hasn't been able to work. I am the sole support and money is unbelievably tight. I just started a second job to help with the bills and am waiting for Social Security to- hopefully-approve disability. I just wanted to escape from all the pressures and feel unbelievably quilty about screwing up. I know I'm supposed to look back, accept what I did and not do it again but I'm an emotional wreck. Some days I wish I was back in rehab b/c it was all about me. People helped me be me and accept what I did and understand why I did it. I do go to therapy and have been doing so for the past 5 years. But sometimes it is just more than I can handle. I was married and divorced after I graduated college and was single for almost 20 years. My first husband left me in debt and I worked 2 & 3 jobs for years and fought my way out of debt and bought my own house. But I have always felt like money problems were always around the corner and now I am right back to where I was years ago worrying about money.

Does anyone have any words of encouragement?

Re: slip up

Post by davej » Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:15 pm

i certainly do know how you feel about making a slip up, for i myself after being sober for two years went right back to drinking again. I have wonder why i could do this after being sober for so long but first admitting that you made that fatal mistake is def. a turn in the right direction. I felt so ashamed of what i was doing to my family and myself that it surly woke me up quick. I deceided that i needed to go back to AA meetings and i have done so. I was so relieved that the meetings are there and that support is out there if you only seek it. I also made sure that i got a sponsor because as other have posted the sponsor is a big part of the AA program. I thought i could handle not drinking on my own and it took this cold reaity to know that i just cant do it. Do what i did, dont give up on yourself but go back to the rooms and open your heart and mind, you will only help yourself.........

Re: slip up

Post by sobermom27 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:20 pm

hey my name is charity and i got outta rehab wendsday well... i had a warrant i didnt know about and went to jail got out the next evening, the methedone clinic i go to was closed i was told i could come the next morning show my release paper frm jail and id get my methedone dose, i was already fealing sick but stuck it out come the next morning i was havin it BAD!! i went there to the clinic and was told i had to wait till monday when my counelor was in to drop a urine on me... i went and got heroine to fix my dopesickness, and i've used today as well ( way earliar this morning) but i feal SSSSOOO guilty and like a failour if anyone wants to chat or respond id greatly apreciate it i need a friend in recovery rightnow thank u!!

Re: slip up

Post by vinny1717 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:13 am

when you slip, you get up, call your sponsor(if you have one), and get back to the meetings! Don't beat yourself up over it. Be grateful and thankful that you wer able to stop after the one glass! and you did a great thing~you didn't keep that one glass a secret! secrets will keep us sick, promplty admitting our wrongs, is being honest...honesty is one of the keys to sobriety! keep coming back to meetings :!: :D

slip up

Post by prock » Thu May 03, 2012 7:04 am

what happens when you slip up and have a glass of wine the GUILT is overwhelming!!! Just started meetings 5 days ago!!!!