Alcohol and Religion

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Re: Alcohol and Religion

Post by been there » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:02 pm

Before we can heal ourselves, we need this forgiveness to help us cope with our guilt. Go and sin no more is the advice confession gives to the person who is confessing. God forgives us no matter how many times we need it.

Alcohol and Religion

Post by zachariahp47 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:52 pm

Is it possible to balance both alcohol and religion? I'm not trying to state a religion in general, but let's leave it at a religion or a sense in a higher power. When we drink, are we thinking about the lessons religion might have taught us during our childhood? Or do we neglect them and think, "today's my last day, I won't drink anymore."?

I am a Christian and I was taught as a kid that drinking and smoking are bad and that God does not like them. When I grew up, I saw people using and abusing. I thought to myself, "does that mean they don't obey God?". I would see them get trashed and be just a big mess. The funny thing was, I would see them that following Sunday, in church, all "saint-like" and well. They go to the priest and confess that they drank and smoked and did other things, under the influence. The priest gives them the pardon and sends them off on their way. So my question then becomes, does having a sense of religion and the willingness to come before that higher power and confess what you did, justify alcoholism?

I personally think it's a way of escape for those who think their not alcoholics because of the that weekly confessional(confessional or any other form of admitting wrong in any given religion). This could be any person who drinks everyday and gets wasted but come the day for prayer, they go and confess what they've done and made "amends".

I believe that because of this type of service, many people are hidden alcoholics. It gives those people a reason to justify what they do or did. I'm not blaming any religion or high power. I am just wondering what others think of this concept. Does anyone else also believe that services like this in religions gives alcoholics an excuse not to call themselves alcoholics?