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Need help

Post by Helpneeded » Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:40 pm

Im in the same boat my wife's mother sent her away to a rehab I don't know what rehab or if she is even ok, we had made oppointments to get her some help from a doctor and for her addictions drugs and metal help she was all for it and went with me to sign her up but went to tell her mother she was going to be going to classes to get help she blackmailed her to sign over her kids and car I bought her and to sleep in her car Saying she wouldn't give the children back unless she stopped seeing me, she later called me saying she was sleeping In her car so I went and got her said I don't care about the car she could have it I would buy her a new one so she left it and the next day her mother called and said she would pick her up to go get the car so she went with her and she was gone for days and eventually able to call to say she wasn't able to call or text me anymore that she loved me.then I got a text from her phone saying her she was working with her mother to make some money to pay her phone bill and she was going to help her get her kids back from the baby's daddy iv been with her 7 years and brought up all three kids from 6 months old and have worked the whole time and she was taking medication for back pains from a car crash, depression and would drink daily and using when around her family so I would keep her way from them as much as I could till they stated coming over when I was working and would come home to her at her sisters already drunk tI'll she went missing on me till she texted me saying she loves me and misses me so I went looking for her and I went to her family's house to ask where she was but got nothing they would just yell at the top of her lungs to leave, mother, sisters house even her step dads house they wouldn't tell me where she was or if she was even ok, we have a vary close relationship and she would tell me everything and I told her never put me befor her kids and I would never ask her to put me first so she said she wanted her to get clean of everything and I said I was fine with her in a rehab to get better I'm not dependent on anything but can't find any info on her where abouts or if she was ok she was vary suicidel with out her depression medication and her family didn't know she was taking anything she left with only her ID didn't take anything not even her purse or toothbrush, how would I find out anything iv been in contact with the police looking for her CPS for the kids to make sure they are ok but I get no where does anyone know where I could look to get help or find anything out I'm super lost at this point I miss her but got no where to turn for help