Someone Please Tell Me What Will Help?!?!?!?

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Re: Someone Please Tell Me What Will Help?!?!?!?

Post by escape from berlin » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:05 am

i read ur post.. believe me , ive been in your advise i can give is... make room ,about 12 do nothing but get better.. you will detox,, 1rst 9 days r hard..but soo worth it..on your 9th day, your head will feel see things clearer then it has 4 a looong time, then your body will catch up. Its just like when somebody dies, only back wards..when some one dies they die from the head down, when feet r blue..its over. you on the other hand, r on u way back to life... so you head will come back 1rst...lots of pink clounds...u see things very will fill u..peace & hope will enter in...LONG TIME SINCE U FELT THAT ..RITE. by day 12 you need 2 walk threw meeting room doors...a must 4 that muscle..ask 4 help..u will get it..and wen the next one..this will keep u clean...once your on your way, & things look will slap u in the face, just a test...HIT BACK HARDER..stronger .. it will be the best move of your life, only u can do it.. you already know what the dope will give you, theres never enough dope 2 keep u happy, just 12 days detoxing, ended up being the best thing i ever pulled out 4 pep. places & things..**** u up bad..always ride it out..takes about 30 min. and u get a new muscle...take the road less traveled & you will find the real can do this...if u r it affraid !!

Re: Someone Please Tell Me What Will Help?!?!?!?

Post by deb992 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:23 pm

My niece just went through this last week. In the ER for detox. She is now in a inpatient rehab detoxing safely. I can only share my experience, strength and Hope. This past Saturday I celebrated 6 months thanks to NA and a sponsor and a support network. For me it helped.

Re: Someone Please Tell Me What Will Help?!?!?!?

Post by kellzh11 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:09 pm

:( i know what u are feeling ive also been in ur shoes,keep ur head up and never stop trying sometimes it takes a life time ,and always remember we didnt become addicts over nite so it does take a while remember just for today.............

Re: Someone Please Tell Me What Will Help?!?!?!?

Post by abclimo » Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:27 pm

Annie: Hi and welcome. I know where you are coming from, I've been there myself. During my addiction, I would run out of medication before I was due to go back to the Doctor for refills and then I would wonder what I was going to do. I tried meditation, I tried praying, I tried camomile teas, sleeping for a million hours to pass the time, but it is still ugly. Have you considered going to your local emergency room and telling them that you have an addiction and you are out of your medication? They, of course, will ask why you are out of your medication and it will be hard but best to tell the truth. It sounds crazy, but emergency rooms are equipped to handle this type of situation. Unfortunately going to another clinic or Doctor isn't a great idea, because it is the one thing we often do as addicts, going from doctor to doctor to get prescriptions to feed our addiction and before you know it, we're way out of control and spiraling downward and hitting bottom, or worse. Definitely keep going to meetings, I personally find them to be what keeps me clean and from returning to my addiction. There is always hope for you, you have admitted that you have a problem and that's a huge step, so there's hope for those who admit there is a problem. You sound as though you want the help, want to get clean and stay clean and that's awesome. You can do this, develop a network of people you can talk to you, get names and phone numbers at NA meetings, call them when you need to talk to someone, before you pick up to use. You need to keep telling yourself that you can do this, and take it one day at a time. If one day seems overwhelming, take it an hour at a time, or 15 minutes at a time. Distract yourself, read, watch tv, post stuff here, walk, exercise, anything to take your mind off your addiction. I'll keep you in my thoughts and I know you'll find your path.

Someone Please Tell Me What Will Help?!?!?!?

Post by annied » Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:17 pm

I'm really confused. I tried everything. First, I went in patient, then IOP (intensive out patient), then N/A meetings, then keeping it all a secret now I have to get by for 5 more days until I can go back to the methadone/suboxen doctor. It feels like a life time of waiting. Since I have tried everything else, and thought there was no hope for me. After searching for days I finally found a clinic that was taking new patients to get prescribed methadone or suboxen. Turns out its not that easy to get a prescription like that, I have to travel like 45 minutes each day to get the medication. So what do I do until then?