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Re: People Places and Things

Post by fprf54 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:18 am

I had a hard time, giving up my old life to start a newer one. I was bent on going around the same people, places, and doing most of the same things except using. It took me a while to get this, and I have been clean since 6-04-1980. If I have a litagetament reason for being there, then I can go any where. If I am going to seek out some of the older times I am in trouble. I forget about how bad I had to hurt before I wanted help. I forgot about all the times I had to sit alone, with all my thoughts litterally eating me up, and poor poor me. I felt so sorry for me. I hung out with all these people that were aquaintences and I believed that they were my friends. I could not relate to everyone in recovery or I may of just felt different. Was not different, just felt that way. These differences can make us go where we just don't belong. I got clean right where I used. It can be done, but it is very hard, and meetings were a must for me. I made a lot of mistakes along the way in recovery, and I have been to places where it is not in my best insterest to go to.

If I go to anyone's house or appartment and someone is using, for me this is the wrong place for me to be. Regardless of time clean, I need to stay in clean places with clean people. The people who are using, are not going to stop using. I could not stop using on my own. I could go for a day or maybe a week, but was not happy, just not using. These people are probably taking my place out there and I don't want my place back in active addiction. I have to recall how I ended up hating me and others. How miserable I had become. How negative my thinking was. How I had had no sence of self or esteem at all. I felt lower than the cub, and that I did not deserve recovery. I was heading on my way to pass away, ask the God I knew then just to kill me, glad he did not do so. I ask that I did not go to prison. Then finally I did get to come to recovery. My mind was closed. I had no positive thoughts at first. I just brought me and kept on coming back. I saw others recover, and this eventually gave me some hope that I too can do this.

The people on the streets, think they have all the answers, I did or so I thought. They will do their best to out talk us and make themselves look good. They still have this I don't care attitude that I used to have also. They are not open to recovery. So they are going to do the same things and expect different results, just like I did and drive me insane. Today I can and do make a difference. I share with others my good stuff and my not so good stuff. The truth never makes me look good but it is the truth.

Accross the street from me are using people, down the street are some more, they are all over town. Just for today though I chose life. When I chose not to use, I have a good life. I do have to watch out for my thinking, sometimes my head doen't work right and will try to ok things for me that are not ok.

Re: People Places and Things

Post by ayanna isley » Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:06 pm

I truly understand that I have to change my people places and things. I am fresh out of rehab and I ammunition doing very good, am doing a 90 and 90 staying pluged in with my sponser and just started my first step. Now all that being said: I went out lastnite cause my family member was having a party she asked me to Bartend I said yes and then my old dealer came up to me and said here I have something for you I said I don't do that anymore but he said take it anyway you can sell it and I took it... To make along story short I didn't use or drink and I made it throw the nite and wokeup with another day clean. Now I say all this to say if I don't stop thinking that I can still be around the same places and people and things that I will be Ok am just setting myself up for a relapse and I don't want that. I have to start working on changing my way of thinking.

Re: People Places and Things

Post by JenniBabi097 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:36 am

I never thought that was true untill this last time, Ive had a few relapses but dont you know when I am starting to stay clean and all my friends know that and and have known me for years and know all about my past my familys addiction problems and I had money they call me for them bc there sick and Nice Jenn would feel bad and get them for them and one for me then the cycle continued and now im broke but clean, and none of them are anywhere to be found which is good but it really opened my eyes! its sad to loose people who u were close to but if ur doing good and staying clean and your so called friends are still getting high(my best friend/.ex) and he owes you alot of money alot and he cant even give u 2 dollars so u can get to probation and not get violated or arrested but can call u asking u to get him blues after almost 2 months that just puts in in such reality for me and Im better off!! Its a shame what drugs can do to you and they did it to me so I know the games I know addicts dont pay u back... he didnt start using till after I lent him money and Ive known him since I was 11 Im 25! I do hope he gets clean and does well but just shows you that people who u trust can do and maybe about some things you have donw...

Re: People Places and Things

Post by Stacey » Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:59 pm

We are in a constant struggle to better or destruct ourselves. Choose the first because it will always lead to a better existence. We are all with you.

People Places and Things

Post by philaphil » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:13 am

WOW how true a statement like that is! I recently packed my van with most of my belongings and just left Harrisburg, Pa. I finally got the courage a strength from God to do what was necessary to save myself from myself and my; so called friends and my surroundings. They teach us in NA and Rehab People, Places and Things to not be around in recovery; our triggers. It took me almost a year after Graduating from 2 rehabs and 3-4 relapses to get it. I hope and Pray it does not take you as long.

Thank You for allowing me this opportunity to reach out to you! Phil