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Re: American Addiction Centers

Post by jonboyac » Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:47 am

I appreciate your concerns.

I've been totally and continuously sober, from everything, in AA for over 20 years. I spent at least 20 years before that in intensive (weekly) psychotherapy, with medications - but I never totally stopped drinking - or using (and abusing) psychotropic meds - which I now consider (for myself only) to be "using." I've been at one time or another diagnosed as chronically depressed, as hypomanic, as cyclothymic (a form of bi-polar) and I do in fact have PTSD (I was a combat medic in Vietnam at ages 20 -22). I am now retired, function well, have a host of friends, am NOT on any psychiatric meds, and am active in life and happy most of the time.

The only therapy I needed, in the end, was for the PTSD, which was never addressed in all the years of treatment before I got sober (denial anyone?). BUT, I never could have endured that therapy if I had not been sober in AA for several years first. It is mere speculation, but I also may not have remained sober if I had not gotten that therapy at that time. AA saved my life - and by "my life" I mean a lot more than my physical survival.

Any rehab that is certified properly will do to get your son detoxed and pointed in the right direction - a 12 Step program after discharge. There IS an underlying issue - it is called ADDICTION in the case of drug addicts and ALCOHOLISM in the case of chronic alcohol abusers. Any treatment I am aware of is useless as long as he is actively using mind altering substances, or is in early recovery from them (a year or less). Any helpful therapy must first be directed to permanent and total abstinence. If a therapy supports that, then it is the only one he needs for now. Addiction will mimic and/or mask any and every mental illness, syndrome, mood disturbance or psychological condition. All substances of abuse create a chemically induced, artificial personality, which has to be eradicated - by abstinence - before the real person can be reached and recovered. An accurate diagnosis - if there is indeed an underlying psychiatric condition - can only be made after he is thoroughly detoxed from the addiction(s) and stabilized in sobriety for a substantial period of time. A 12 Step program can do that, but only if your son is willing to completely give himself to that program as a first priority - as a matter of life or death.

Most newcomers to recovery and their family (and many medical practitioners) have no idea what they are up against. It is essential that the focus be relentlessly and single-mindedly on the drug and alcohol use and abuse. Do not let your son, or yourself, divert your attention to any other issues - none. Or he will relapse repeatedly, blame everything else and everyone else under the sun, and end up God only knows in what condition before the addiction kills him, directly or indirectly.

American Addiction Centers

Post by mamadukes » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:59 am

My 17 yr old son is in rehab. He got arrested for possession of heroin right before Thanksgiving. Court ordered to either rehab or jail, we were happy to send him to rehab. He is currently at The Academy in Palm Beach, Florida. Have any of you ever had anyone there or have been there yourself? Our Employee Assistance Program director recommended this place so we sent him there sight unseen. We live in Ct so we had never heard of this place and havent been able to visit since our son has been admitted. Any info would be most helpful.
It all started back when he was 12 using marijuana. Then on to drinking, pills, coke, mushrooms, crack and now heroin. How I was never able to see this, I'll never know. Bi-Polar Disorder and chemical depression is in both my husbands and my families.
I worry that there is an underlying issue that the therapists might not see with him. It's a dual diagnosis treatment and 12 step facility. He only gets once a week for one hour with his therapist-I don't think that that's enough. I have voiced this concern with them but haven't gotten an answer yet.
I am giving this place the benefit of the doubt, but would appreciate any info that anyone can give me for this particular center.
Thank you!!