Non Religious AA meeting

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Non Religious AA meeting

Unread postby Glennp » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:06 am

Is there a such thing? I am not relegious at all - but have an alcohol problem - any ideas?
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Re: Non Religious AA meeting

Unread postby rodeoraven7 » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:15 pm

Glenn, It has been my experience that a higher power or a power greater than myself is what is really important. What am I to think of this thing? I need to believe in it enough to be able to turn to it when I''m thinkinking about drinking with some kind of confidence that it can provide some relief from the dis-ease I am feeling. Do I need to sit in a church, jail cell or on top of a mountain to find a higher power? I didn't end up needing to find the highr power, it was with me all along. I just needed to start letting it into my daily life. I pray to help build my relationship with the higher power stronger. What started out as going through a rediculous set of motions that I had no faith in at all has become such a part of my daily walk that I now can't see why I was trying to live with out it. Put your hands together in the old here's the church, heres the steeple fashion, now go ahead and open it up to see all the people. Wiggle your fingers! Doesn't that stir just a little joy in you? Doesn't that make you a little more happy than sad? Couldn't that be a higher power working in your life for that moment of joy? I thought so and realized I had placed the key of willingness into the lock of a door I didn't know existed, let alone that I had it closed and locked. Today I belong to a religion that is ministerd by the congriguation. That to me is A.A.. I love all my brothers and sisters and pray to the higher power to help me remember that. Practice, practice, practice. Today I love to make meetings. It seems to be where the higher power speaks to me most and where I have my best ideas

Re: Non Religious AA meeting

Unread postby Rainspa » Thu May 19, 2011 7:52 am

Yes, there are meetings that would work for you.

When you call your local AA, or look online, look for meetings that say they are "agnostic".

That said, any AA meeting would normaly be non-religious. Spiritual, yes, and people will talk about God, but AA as such, is not allied with any sect, denomination or religion.

Just keep going to different meetings; you'll find one you like.

Re: Non Religious AA meeting

Unread postby serenityscott » Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:41 am

It was imprtant for me to learn to separate religion and spirituality. I am like you I am nt religious. To me religion is a series of rituals that peple go throughto meet a specific ideal. Thats not me. I learned that I needed something outside myself to stay sober though because as I was told when I was new "you are not doing a good jb of being your own higher power." The group was my higher power at first. The word God is used at meetings which I was uncomfortable with. I was told this could stand for Good-Orderly-Direction, and that nobody could tell me what my idea of God should be. This was enough t get me started because I was sick enough to want to try somebody elses way. I also wasn't "getting by on brain power alone." There have been a few times I have been at a meeting where peple have brught in their persnal religios beliefs in a comment and they have been told by me or others that this is an outside issue. I am grateful I let dwn my guard t listen to someone else 27 years ago but I had to hit my bottom first. I hope this helps.

Re: Non Religious AA meeting

Unread postby Andy » Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:50 am

Glen in our preamble it states the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking. Not if your religious or even believe in God. Everyone is welcomed to come. The door of AA is wide open. There are plenty of AA members just like you that you can identify with. The help you need for your alcohol problem is here. Millions of alcoholics have gotten and stayed sober in AA.

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