First Attempt

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First Attempt

Unread postby WastingAway » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:51 am

I'm 24 years old and I've been on a 4 year binge. I'm smart, funny, and have EVERYTHING to lose if I continue to drink. Today is day number one, and I know I have no choice other than committing to an alcohol-free life. I doubt every string of organ in my body that I can do this. I just wish I paid my rent before I went out every night this past weekend.. How are AA meetings? Will I find other fools like myself, or am I walking into a Vegan den with hamburger juices down my chin and t-shirt? I'm fine with judgement but to me, condescending is an exit sign. :shock:
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Re: First Attempt

Unread postby Friend_of_Bill_W » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:34 am

Nice to see you haven't lost everything (humor) like I had to . . . .

"AA" meetings are NOT A.A.
They ARE places where people, like me, that DO what the first 164 pAAges of Alcoholics Anonymous (=AA) sAAy we DO go to try to cAArry Our MessAAge.
If anyone tells you different - RUN away from them or perhaps hurt them if there is no other way of shutting them up.
75 years ago, 50% of the folks that came to AA and really tried - remained sober the REST OF THEIR LIVES. Another 25% went back out, came back and died SOBER! (Others showed improvement)
I'm believing that the reason the recovery rate these days is around 1-2%, is that practically no one does what WE DO!

I "suggest" that you read those pages and do precisely what it says we do, if you want to Recover from a seeming hopeless state of mind and body as I have.

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