dealing with deaths while in recovery

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dealing with deaths while in recovery

Unread postby green eyes » Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:04 am

when i first came into the program my son past away and
and i have been struggling over that issue as well and as well as now Rich died in November I know that their are people who have lost a child and didn't pick up a drink but I was still on the pink cloud stage and it's like I sabatoge myself
probably have been ever since I was the was the one who lived and my sister died in front of me - i think they call it survivor guilt and sometimes I get angry at god so i don't feel that I can pray to him and I wish i with all my heart that I can make it in the program - the statistics are not very high 30 percent i think it is. And without any insurance at all now that i am laid off and now can't drive how is a person supposed to work through the grief I did get to go to a good meeting tonight thank god but need to find someone who is in the area that goes to several I want to be whole again
green eyes
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Re: dealing with deaths while in recovery

Unread postby abclimo » Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 am

Greeneyes: Hi and thanks for sharing. You can get help to get insurance without a job and that will cost you nothing, or next to nothing, especially with issues like we all have. I know that Bucks County Drug and Alcohol does cover visits to therapists and inpatient/outpatient counseling. At the same time, they have you apply to Bucks County for Medicaid. Either way you get coverage so you can talk to someone who can help you deal with all these feelings. I believe Penn Foundation in Sellersville has a program that they have a therapist come out to see you, they are from the Mobile Engagement Services department. I know that when you would get approved for Medicaid, that Bucks County Transport will pick you up for free and take you to Dr. appointments. Their schedules are kind of hinky, because if you have a 0900 appointment, they might want to pick you up at 0800 and on the back end of that, if you know your appointment lasts an hour, you may have to wait a little for them to get there to pick you up. But, it is free transportation and Sellersville is not terribly far away. The first step would be to contact Penn Foundation Recovery or any other Treatment Center and they could help you with all the paperwork you need to get this going. You have been strong through a lot and you need to remind yourself that you are doing this for you! That you are worth it! You also need to think of your Sister and Rich and know that they wouldn't want you to relapse and that they would want you to keep going and living life for yourself and as a tribute to them. It's hard and so many of us here understand how hard it is, we've been there. Each person's way of dealing with things is very individual. Have you tried journaling? I find that someontimes when I can write it down, it doesn't look as bad on paper as it does in my head. Just an idea. Please keep posting and know that we are here to help you in any way we can. Hugs!
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Re: dealing with deaths while in recovery

Unread postby BklynChik » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:11 am

I have been told too that if you call the main AA number, people have volunteered to pick up those who cannot get to meetings... you may want to give that a try and see what you come up with.

Good luck! And please, keep coming back...
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