What Alcohol Addiction IS Doing To You?

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What Alcohol Addiction IS Doing To You?

Unread postby stephen28 » Mon May 28, 2012 1:46 pm

Alcohol does many things to the human body. First and the most important thing is that it is designed to get you feeling good and drunk as heck. That is the main purpose in my opinion, and it does a great job at it.

Many people that drink alcohol can handle them self in a sense that they know when it is time to stop drinking alcohol and then there are those, such as myself, that don't know when enough is enough. When we start out experimenting with drinking alcohol many of us don't realize if we are not careful this fun time drinking can turn into an addiction. Do you know what your addiction is doing to you? I bet not, for the simple reason, this addiction to alcohol has been slowly creeping up on you and now you can't figure out why in the world must you have alcohol every single day of your life. Many of us cannot live without this harmful poison in their bodies. We would start to go crazy and feeling on edge, nervous, shaky and the whole nine yards due to the absence of this poison we call alcohol not in your bodies.

Many people live, breathe, sleep with alcohol continuously on their minds. I have the right to say this because the minute I would wake, of course after drinking all night, my first thoughts were not, " I wonder how my day will be today." "I wonder if I will be productive today." No, the first thing I thought of was, "when is it time to have my first beer." How pitiful is that I might ask you? I am sure many people that have an addiction to alcohol the same and some might even crack open a can of beer or take a shot of booze minutes after they wake up to start their day and get their head out of the clouds from the night before drinking alcohol.

When you start to think to yourself, what is this addiction I have doing to my life and what is it doing to my family and friends? None of us that are addicted to alcohol ever for a moment think about the damage we are doing to our self and the hurt and pain we are causing to others, such as you family, spouse, and your children.
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Re: What Alcohol Addiction IS Doing To You?

Unread postby quinlan » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:50 pm

I did the same thing..dreamt of beer & everyday for 8 mon. cracked one open every morning, sometimes as early as 5am & would drink all day to around 6pm..have been clean for a few days & getting the toxins out of my system..and finally going back to AA. I'm hurting myself, my kids & my husband & I don't like it anymore. I have to earn back their trust back & its going to take awhile but I have to do it for me first & prove to myself and my family that I will never crack open a beer again. Finally realized that beer was controlling me, not the other way around.
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Re: What Alcohol Addiction IS Doing To You?

Unread postby LeanaJo » Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:31 am

I was a 1 time a week binge drinker (mostly weekends).

My alcohol addiction almost cost me my marriage, money, & my self-esteem. Thank God it didn't do anything physical to me. But I'm glad I quit while I was still healthy.
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