meetings meetings and more meetings

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meetings meetings and more meetings

Unread postby mommaferg » Sat May 12, 2007 11:05 pm

I am telling you if you do what you are suggested to do in AA you can stay sober. Make meetings as much as you can PUT YOUR HAND UP AND SHARE. Do what is asked of you such as getting a sponsor, doing the steps , reading the big book. I really am to hyper to sit and read anything. What i did was take Big Book commitments at meeting and keep the commitment until i was through the book 2 times. For 5 years i continuously went to meetings and was so content with my life. Once i started falling back on meeting making, I realize now that i wasn't as happy with my life. MEETING MAKERS MAKE IT!!!! And eventually picked up a drink. Took awhile but i did. Now being back in AA i feel the weight is off me and i can be the person God wants me to be. GOD IN ONE HAND AND AA IN THE OTHER. Thank goodness for the rooms of AA.
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