Looking for AA members who still do home visits Yardley Pa?

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Looking for AA members who still do home visits Yardley Pa?

Unread postby Donna E » Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:56 pm

Hi, I am a recovering woman (22 plus years) in Northern Vermont. My sister is a nearly dying alcoholic in Yardley, PA. She's, unfortunately, lol....intelligent, analytical and argumentative. However, she is killing herself and her family. Everyone knows the story. Up here in Vermont, we have volunteers who 12th step at hospitals, prisons, and also private homes. If that happens down there, over there....does anyone know a hotline number for the region? Or a number to call to access a person in this capacity? I can find no hotline numbers anywhere for PA, just lists of meetings. As I am family, she will not hear anything I have to say.
I would appreciate any info.
Thanks, Donna
Donna E

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