The one person you can believe in

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The one person you can believe in

Unread postby John » Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:08 am

is you... Most people will leave you throughout your life. The people you work with will step on your back to get ahead. You wake up with you, you go to sleep with you and I can pretty much guarantee you will die with you.

So if your best friend is you, why are you trying to kill your best friend?

Get off the meds and other things that make you complacent.

See the people around you for who they really are. And you can tell once you remove the cloud.

This is a letter to me.

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Re: The one person you can believe in

Unread postby subculture » Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:28 pm

HeY John. My name is Greg and basically I just would like to tell you that I liked what you have written. It is true that you have to count on yourself more than anybody else in the world. The sad thing is we too often forget about that and that includes myself. I used to be very friendy and had many friends in my community. At least I thought that they were my friends. You see John I always had buddies with whom I drank or did drugs throughout my life. Often the meaning of the word friendship was nothing more than a good party or just getting together to get wasted. I am 29 yrs old now. and I can tell you that I have been betrayed numerous times in my days. I never turned anybody who i considered friend whether financially or otherwise. Whether it was to back somebody up or simply to spend some time with a friend that did not want to be alone. I was too gullible you see.
One day while on probation for DUI I went with "my friend" to confront somebody that owed him money. My "friend" and the other guy talked for quite some time and I sat nearby minding my own biss. and not saying anything. To make the short story long, the dude we came to see called one of his buddies and that's what happened.
1 My so called friend pussied out and skated.
2 I got punched in the grill: straight in the eye socket'
3 I ran away
4 We called the cops
5 The cops came
6 I was arrested instead of the bad guy
7 I spend two months in jail while my friend never came to see me
8 I dont talk to him anymore
9 I knew the guy for 15 years
10 You figure..................
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Re: The one person you can believe in

Unread postby marymo » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:41 pm

Thanks John for sharing your thoughts. I
t's something I needed to hear right now.
I seem to spend all my time worrying about other peoples's problems. Something else to work on.
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Re: The one person you can believe in

Unread postby Guest » Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:46 am

I like it too... There are so many different ways to kill your best friend without even thinking you're doing it.
Thanks for sharing.

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