Glad to Be

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Glad to Be

Unread postby redroad » Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:28 pm

:D ..........I'm glad 2 b sober today :lol: . For some the first few baby steps is a bitch :x . But once that heart (emotion) and that mind (mental) start talking to each and become one :roll: . And slowly it starts taking form :arrow: . From one day at a time and the nexts thing you know you either fu*ked-up and relapsed or your still sober 8) . Shit it just don't happen over night :wink: . And it will come in all forms of stuff :twisted: . Jail, marriage break-up, getting a good beating OR giving one :P , throwing your kids away, the list goes on an on :evil: . So I'm gtb.
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