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How can I help my brother?

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:59 am
by sisterjean
I am hoping to get some advice I am a daughter of an 20+ year recovering alcoholic and now my brother who is 23 has recently completed a 30 day program, for drugs and alcohol, and recently joined a sober living facility. I am headed out to see him in 2 weeks and needed some advice as to how to handle him. I was only 10 when my father went into recovery so I dont remember much. A few things that are bothering me, need advice on:

-We live in PA, he is in FL now, I am concerned for him staying there all alone, with no vehicle as his car is here
-He is already in a relationship with a girl he met in the program
-my parents stopped supporting him and he has no money, he literally just got out of rehab last week. He has applied for jobs but nothing yet. Should I help him out?

I appreciate any help! Also I was thinking of going to a meeting before I went to see him. Think that would help me?