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Support Needed

Unread postby Heidi » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:17 pm

My wife is coming to grips with alcohol being an issue for her...I don't want to label her an alcoholic I feel she needs to do that for herself but alcohol is definitely an issue with us. When she gets drunk she can get very nasty and now as she is contemplating never drinking again I feel like she is turning to that nasty behavior in times of stress and pretty much just looking at her will stress her out. Any words of encouragement that aren't God related would be appreciated...any tips for dealing with the newly sober who is struggling with changing her lifestyle. I am sort of at a loss as to how to help or how to get out of dodge without appearing un-supportive. She does seem to be reaching out to people and is starting to go to meetings...she is struggling to find one that is a good fit...the big book meetings aren't for her. But at least she isn't giving up. I am very proud of her continuing to try different meetings.
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