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Support for Stepson

Unread postby stepmom » Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:08 am

I am a new stepmom to a son (age 25) He is a recovering alcoholic and grew up in an environment of an alcoholic mom. He recently re-established a new relationship with his dad after years of blaming him for leaving his alcoholic mom. His father left to leave an abusive situation and to start a new life and for years tried to communicate with his son. The situation got worse and my stepson began to drink and do drugs. When he was arrested, my husband (his dad) stepped in to help and that opened the doors for reconciliation for both. When my stepson took the steps to get his life together he went to rehab and we realized that once his rehab was over he could not return to the previous environment with his mom, so i opened the doors of my house to him. I love my new stepson and he is doing well. He is is a loving environment, has accepted our marriage and has inheritated a new brother and sister. My stepson had tried to reach out to his mother to see how she was doing while he was in rehab and after his release. This week his dad went to his old home to see if he could get personal items and he found her dead. We told my stepson and he is blaming his self. . He is going to AA meetings 2x per week, has a few friends but we are nervous if these friends will be supportive of his new course in life to stop drinking.

We are worried about a relapse and need help or advice..


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