Neurontin Addiction

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Neurontin Addiction

Unread postby MG23 » Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:44 am


I am currently addicted to a substance called Neurontin aka gabapentin, at first it was prescribed for pain I have from seven surgeries i've had on my lower right groin area. It then found that taking it with painkillers would produce a high that I had never experienced before. The problem then became that I started building a really big tolerance to this drug and had to take thousands of milligrams to produce the same effect. I eventually stopped taking the painkillers and a few conversations with my Doctors, but I could not get myself to stop this other drug. I just continued to take more and more, not feeling any sort of high but just trying to keep the horrible withdrawal symptoms away. After months (almost years of this) I have finally decided to stop. I called a couple local drug rehab centers and was told that they don't do detox for this medication and I can come in and just suffer the withdrawal or come clean to my doctor and start a strict tapering schedule. Talking to my Doctor and admitting to him that I was abusing a perscription he was writing for me was very difficult, but he has decided to help me and so the tapering has begun. I just now need to know what kind of meetings I should be attending. There is a general meeting at the rehab centers on Fridays but I feel right now that I should be going to as many meetings and getting as much information and support that I can. The problem is that this a strange drug to be addicted to, should I just go to local AA meetings? Is there any support out there for Nuerontin addiction?

Re: Neurontin Addiction

Unread postby Spike » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:15 am

I suggest going to NA meetings since it sounds like this is a narcotic. I also had a problem with Ativan and abused using it and thank God a doctor helped me to taper off! When I stopped cold turkeyi couldn't sleep for five straight days.

Re: Neurontin Addiction

Unread postby Tstormy » Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:26 am

I didn't know you could get high off neurotin. I am prescribed that for my back and have not taken it yet for the fear of this happening. I was a garbage head I took whatever to get me high. But mostly heroin and cocaine. If I was you I would still attend AA or NA meetings. Although it's not something I've eve heard in the rooms it is important to bring it to other people's attention. You saved me from making a destructive decision. So I thank you for that. Don't be afraid to go to meetings. Addiction is addiction bottom line and they won't turn you away. I hope everything goes well with you.
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Re: Neurontin Addiction

Unread postby Adam » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:36 am

I was given Gabapentin over a month ago and up to 2400+mg a day. It's not working at all and I see maybe an hour or two of relief after taking an 800mg pill. I have never done any drugs or drinking but I know I am in serious trouble with this stuff. I tried to come off 200mg in the course of a week and I have been in agonizing fits of anxiety, chest pain, akathisia, etc. I am completely miserable 24/7. I need more of the drug to get the effect it had when I started. In my desperation I called every drug re-hab place in all of LA county and was turned away by all of them. They said it is not an drug of abuse and that it need be only tapered off... My doctor says it does not cause any withdrawals and that it is probably just because I have underlying psychiatric problems — which presumably just surfaced after I started taking this drug! I went to an NA meeting tonight and I was surprised to learn from its speaker that this is a nasty drug that is causing people problems all over the place. I am at my wits end and in spite of taking this drug have not slept for 8 days! Is there any hope at recovery?! Can anyone tell me?

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