Can marijuana addiction symptoms be severe?

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Can marijuana addiction symptoms be severe?

Unread postby Ernesto » Tue May 24, 2011 1:33 pm

My brother has been a heavy user of pot for decades (over 30 years). He doesn't just smoke the occasionally joint but actually uses a medical mask to inhale the smoke directly into his lungs - several times a day. He's can't get through a day with out it. I know that marijuana is considered a relatively mild drug, but my brother has severe emotional and personality problems. The image of pot making the user mellow and happy certainly doesn't apply to him. The guy is pure rage walking around on two feet. He can't communicate with anyone in our family. He screams at his kids and my mother at the slightest provocation and goes into an animated rage. He acts like he hates pretty much everybody, but especially those closest to him - his family. His wife and my mother almost seem to enable his behavior, never holding him accountable or telling him it is unacceptable to behave this way. He used to be a nice guy but he got worse and worse over the decades and he's 50 now. Sometime he looks like he's really might go so far off the deep end that he could kill someone. It's scary to watch and people are afraid of him. So question is: could this possibly be a symptom of marijuana addiction or is it more likely that he has moved on to more serious drugs - as I suspect? Or is it likely that it has nothing to do with drugs and he has some sort of mental disorder that requires prescription medication and treatment. Appreciate any feedback from people with knowledge of this type of behavior.

Re: Can marijuana addiction symptoms be severe?

Unread postby guest » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:43 am

I'd start by looking up long term effects of marijuana use; do a search. As per the rages you describe, there could be some underlying affective (i.e. emotional) disorder such as bipolar, and your brother could be in a manicky state. Borderline personality disorder should also be looked into, as well as counseling in general. Above all, try to get help for yourself via Al-Anon or Nar-Anon to start. You'll get much better insight into what could be going on via other family members who've been there or currently living it. Best wishes. Will pray for you and yours.

Re: Can marijuana addiction symptoms be severe?

Unread postby Berdie48 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:07 am

I am a habitual smoker and have been for 10 years and once a year i quit for one month as a sort of detox for my mind and body. Outside of the vivid dreams and reduced appetite (symptoms which also pop up after quitting caffeine)I have never had any of these ridiculous side effects. Sure everyone is different and perhaps some people have certain withdrawl symptoms but as a card carrying medicinal marijuana user I can tell you through all of my talks with ex-smokers I have NEVER heard of any of these symptoms. Perhaps your irritability was always there? And the weed just calms you down. Please people understand that there is NO physical addictive properties to the chemical THC. Understand the garbage that the government puts out and read the facts. The SCIENCE of the chemicals and substances you put into your body.
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Re: Can marijuana addiction symptoms be severe?

Unread postby guest » Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:57 am

Berdie48 wrote:
Perhaps your irritability was always there? And the weed just
> calms you down.

Weird reply Berdie. My post clearly indicates that the symptoms are suffered by a family member, not myself, and to call extreme rage a "ridiculous" symptom is not helpful at all.

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