I don't understand the line between use and abuse

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I don't understand the line between use and abuse

Unread postby BTheChangeYouWant2C » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:07 pm

I feel like I'm coming apart. Most of my family is addicted to some form of pain killer. My dad has cancer, diabetes, and some disc problem in his back. He has been in some form of physical pain for more than 20 years almost consistently. He is a HARD worker with his own business. He is smart and honest and would never hurt a soul. The doctor prescribes him percocet. He's addicted to them. He needs them to survive. He doesn't rob, cheat, or steal to support his addiction...but...does that matter? Isn't it still a problem? Am I crazy to be so worried? Will percocet kill him? --- Then my mom...she has major health issues as well. She ONLY takes what the doctor prescribes after she has ruled out any homeopathic or herbal options she might try first....but she takes percocet also. She also works hard. They take care of everyone around them...Even strangers. ----Ok, There's also my sister. She bums percocet off of family and buys them herself. She says she takes them for pain only and not everyday...but how am I to know that? Then my brother, also successful, honest, hardworking, and takes percocets. It used to be doctor prescribed for him because he was in an accident but after the doctor stopped, he bought them. He recognized that he had a problem and stopped 2months ago. ---Ok so now me. I have taken percocet after a root canal. Then stopped. I have had a migraine before and been given one by a friend and took it. And yes...more than once I have heard them referred to as "workacets" and so i took one and rearranged my whole house. It was great. However I have not and do not look for a percocet. Nor do I want one or need one. ------------ I just dont understand where the line is between user and abuser. And I'm scared for us all.

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