best friend is turning into a monster because of meth

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best friend is turning into a monster because of meth

Unread postby me123 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:37 am

Hey, I really need advice!
So my best friend has ben to rehab for meth when she was 22. She had a rough life and started doing porn and using when she was very young. When I met her I didnt know any of this, but I found out everything soon. She has been doing well for a while, but recently I found heroin and meth…I never tried it and I dont want to. I knew she has been using ectasy from time to time – which, im not gonna lie, I do sometimes as well.
We recently moved in together…and she told me she is not using anymore. But her one friend comes over late at night a lot and they stay up for days so I asked her straight up if shes using and she admitted to it. The next day she gave me her pipe and I destroyed it…I thought she really wants to quit! Bur I soon discovered she is still using. She recently beat me up twice and seems angry and irritated towards me. Currently I am out of town, she freaked out on me over nothing and said she is kicking me out and when I come back all my stuff will be outside. I do love her and care for her…but I also know that all of this will mentally destroy me. I dont wanna move out..I invested to much time and money into our place and it will be hard to find another place. I feel like she hates me, when all I try to do is being there for her…what should I do? Move out and just stop being her friend? Or stay and therefore live with her mood swings but knowing she doesnt live with another addict and therefore possibly stop using eventually? She is like my big sister...I cant lose her

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