My boyfriend is addicted:

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My boyfriend is addicted:

Unread postby AnnDM » Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:24 am


This is all very new to me. Call me niave or plain unaware but I didn't believe addiction was a real thing until I fell in love with a man who is suffering from it fullblown and currently as we speak.
I met my boyfriend in October of 2013 and in the begining he said that he would go out or on a weekend here or there would take a few norcos to "have fun". Over the course of several weeks, it turned into every day. At which point he was let go from his job in November. Then in an effort to ease the tension starting between him and I, he would suggest I take a few and "have fun". I was constantly on him about wasting what little money he had on it, letting it take over his pesonality and change who he was. He would be up all night and all but ignore me. He then really started pushing my to "have fun" with him to the point that he left and was wiliing to end our brief but intense relationship in an uncontrolled urge to quit or at the very least not leave to pick up pills. He pressures me constantly to track down pills, pay for them, share them, selling things to get them. I have two children from a previous marriage which also pills had a lot to do with my divorce (which is volitile and still in process.) The agreement then was that because he would not, could not stop he would not do the pills around my kids when they were home with us. I caught him snorting pills in the room we shared while my kids were in the other room (they are also old enough to know what is going on if they saw.) We have also been into a physical fight to where the police were notified and he was arrested. He is an ex-felon with 2 strikes as well. He was looking at major time. We reconciled but it came with an agreement to "give him a break" on the pills which were being taken every day now. (5-25 10mg norcos, aderall, methadone, suboxone and vicoden.) He has time and time again said he would stop, tapper off, quit etc. mostly to get me off his back but in desperation and a tactic that i know serves no purpose, I started using them too in hopes that "if you can't beat them, join them" would work. We then started to fight over that, he at one point said he felt terrible that i could possibly have a problem and didn't want to be the reason i did or now do. Fighting got worse and he would say, " You do it too, you spend just as much money on it as i do. (He still doesn't work but only just recently has been getting UI benifits. I came to him recently and said that I felt like i was using too much and i was afraid it was turning into a problem. He laughed and said I was strong enough that i could control it. I told him i needed help. I told him too, that i felt that if he hadn't exposed this life to me that i wouldn't be facing what i am now. We fought! I have done the nessassary steps and no longer take the pills, have the urge to or buy them. He wants a child and we have discussed at lengths that i won't until he gets clean and up until recently he hasn't even admitted he has a problem and once that happened he sought out a dr. and i paid out of pocket for him to be evaluated and he was given a perscription for suboxone. He was instructed to take 1 8mg tab x2's a day. That hasn't been the case. He went through a quarter of his perscription in less than 7 days. I love him and want to help him but he's changing with the suboxone and its becoming intolerable.
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