Any positive recoveries?

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Any positive recoveries?

Unread postby ConcernedMominPA » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:46 pm

I just found out 5 days ago that my 23 year old son is an addict (heroin/crack). After having not heard from him in over 2 years, he called and in a very seemingly upfront way, told me what had been going on and that he needed help. Very quickly, his fiance and he researched and he was admitted into a in-house rehab program. In the meantime, his fiance and I have been researching this disease and possible resources for him after he is released (possibly right after detox?) and I've been so discouraged with the lack of positive stories..... so many more relapse situations. Can anyone please share what has worked for them in supporting a family member? Thank you in advance so much.

Re: Any positive recoveries?

Unread postby Kel » Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:55 am

Hi. I'm new to this site and read your post. Im afraid I dont have a helpful suggestion for you but I wanted to let you know that I am struggling with the same situation. I hope that by posting a comment would start up the communication lines so we can talk about this some more.
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Re: Any positive recoveries?

Unread postby Gailwinds » Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:45 pm

In the State of NJ , it is very hard. The rehabs what a 5 day detox when insurance offers 3 Well the rehabs won't take you because most detox's put you on meds so they have to get out of your system. WHAT A GAME WHAT A SYSTEM ONE BIG CIRCLE. My son OD-ed and they let him recover in the hospital and then stabilized him and then by Insurance % NJ law they had to release him. HOMELESS. But though it all it really takes the person wanting to get clean to get clean . To go to any lengths. God Bless my Family member and His Family.

Re: Any positive recoveries?

Unread postby Mom4Boys » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:19 am

Yes, there are positive recoveries. But it is very hard. Addicts hate themselves and will use any excuse to fall back because of it. Contrary to what we feel sometimes, they need love and support. Not money, but strength and love. I have 4 adult sons, three of whom are heroin and cocaine addicts . I lost my eldest last year. Two of his younger brothers have been through several rehabs, relapses and jail. Right now they are both clean and sober for almost 2 years. My home was the best place for them, once they truly committed to sobriety. Rehabs, halfway houses, sober houses, etc. are snake pits at times.

There are no easy answers but my one piece of advice is to try to never give up on them. Tell them the truth, call it as you see it, but let them know you love them. Also, meetings are ESSENTIAL to recovery. No getting around that one. They face their peers and their peers can spot someone who is messing up and will help them before it gets too far.

You have to have faith that your loved one will get better, you just don't know when that will be. That's the frustrating part. No one has the magic answer or magic pill or magic anything that will take care of it. The addict has to really want it and is willing to give up all his familiar people, places and things. The addict has to be honest with himself and with everyone else. My eldest struggled for years, since the age of 14. He crashed his car when he was high and had just bought a new supply of heroin. He passed away from his injuries at the age of 31. My other sons have learned from that experience, sadly. But they are very committed to their sobriety. I wish I could give you better advice.
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