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still able to get high while on Methadone?!

Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:40 pm
by Tired Mom58
My son had been an opiate addict for almost 10yrs. He finally came to me and said he wanted to get clean. Music to my ears! He went to an inpatient rehab for a month and came out happy and optimistic. That was 7 months ago and he's continued outpatient treatment with daily methadone dosing and three meeting a week.
I've discovered last night that he's not only using again, he's selling it too. My heart is broken. I have copies of the texts that prove what I've been suspecting for several weeks now. Now the question is "What do I do?" He lives with me, he's on probation (possession) and I'm tempted to just turn him in to the police. I also was able to get a list of his heroin contacts: buyers and suppliers and copies of those texts as well. His counselor at the rehab can't talk to me due to HIPPA laws. What's my next move? I don't want to throw him into the streets but I just can't do this anymore. Any ideas?