Seeking a psychiatrist in Philadelphia

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Seeking a psychiatrist in Philadelphia

Unread postby worrimom » Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:53 pm

I am the mother of an adult son who is presently in need of a good psychiatrist in Philly. He has no medical coverage and must pay out-of-pocket. This concerns him very much.
Is anyone aware of someone very good in the Frankfort Avenue area of Philly? He is receiving counseling but really needs someone who can prescribe meds for depression - legally. He has been through so much. Three years ago my other son, his older brother, died at age 26. He was his role model. He died very suddenly in a boating accident. We were all devasted by it. Last march he lost everything in a fire in his home. That seemed to be the final blow. Shortly after the fire he started on heroine. He has undergone detox in Michigan for heroine addiction and has been clean now since Sept. '08. We would appreciate any help with this. To other parents out there - it is not easy dealing with addiciton. As a mom and a couselor, nothing prepares us for addiction when it is our own children. After losing one son, i can't even think about losing my other son. I deeply appreciate any help with names of someone in the medical field.
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Re: Seeking a psychiatrist in Philadelphia

Unread postby Guest » Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:26 pm

the whole area of mental health is not easily accessible especially so when the child is and adult. So many HIPPA rules. I have been looking for a month for help for my son ,when he ended up arrested for DWI then he lost it and landed in a psych/detox center. No one asked to talked to us , even when I called I got hung up on even thought my name was on the chart as a contact for Md to speak with. It is frustrating . I very much want to see him get help,when he started calling for help he got the door slammed in his face numerous times, he can't deal with it so gives up. Try your community or state mental health agency. If you want perscriptions look for psychiatrist ,for counselling look for psyD. there is also a national mental health agency. Also try local inpatient center may offer refferals to outpatient. Good luck, health and happiness ....

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