Yet again ...cycle beginning

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Yet again ...cycle beginning

Unread postby Lorr0405 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:50 am

This is my first time speaking about this outloud besides family. Heres how it starts. My soon to be husband whom i have a 1 and a half year old son with just got out of prison after being there for 18 months for his drug addiction with herion. I stuck by his side through everything, the stealing from me, my family, his family, to being homeless at one time of another, trying to get him help in hospitals thick and thin been through everything. Hes been home now for about 6 months everything was great untill about a month ago. he says he has knee pain and has been taking percocet. he thinks its okay because he still goes to work everyday and he doesnt have a needle is his arm. He is on parole and already got a bad urine because of the percocet. I see the cycle starting all over agin and he is in denial about it. His mother and I are thinking of an intervention. He thinks everything is fine. Im not sure what to do. I love him very much and we have been through slot together and i do not want to give up on him yet but i dont know how much i can handle with the lies the porn addiction and the drug use. He is also bi polar and is not on any medication for it. I can only voice my opinion to him for so long. Im also intrested in going to meetings but i dont know what ones to attend. Idont know what to do Ithis is his second chance with his life and he seems not to care or its the bi polar that does this to him. I don't know. And I dont know what to do anymore.
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Re: Yet again ...cycle beginning

Unread postby ickie01 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:17 pm

here's a suggestion check your local alon meetings they can provide the support you need at this time. i am talking from experience . my sister n law took my wife and i thru the crap you are going thru . sometimes the first rehap doesn't work . until he comes to terms with his addiction there is nothing you can do for him . sounds like you are starting to burnout . i notice you didn't mention about him going to meetings . a good na meeting is a start but enough of him . you mention about attending a meeting . yes it is a cycle and a mad one at that . it can go on for years . you need to attend a meeting to see what your role is .and what you can do to get off the treadmill . go on line there are probably meetings right in town that you could attend . sit in the front row you are not alone . you will not learn anything if you sit in the back . get some names they will become your support group . listen to the stories read the literature pick up literature . it is free you can break the cycle remember it is not how you can change him but how to get the tools you will need to change yourself. some meetings have babysitters that watch the children . instead of finding reasons why you can't attend a meeting find out how you can make it possible . the fact that you are seeking help is the first step you are powerless over your situration seeking help doesn't mean that you are weak are that something is wrong with you
please email again and tell me how it went :D

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