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Vacation Time OH NO!!!

Unread postPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:05 pm
by Andreale
July 14th walked myself into an outpatient treatment center for Alcohol. It's been very very good. My problem is that in the summer I go away a lot so my meetings get interrupted. I go three days then off 4 days. but all in all my drinking has stopped. I did have a couple non alcoholic beers and wine. Though I do understand that the idea to drink start in the mind first. and that these items are not really helping in that sense. That said I am scheduled to go away with my family.( Spouse, grown children and 4 grandkids ages 10 and under) to the beach. Our vacations used to include beach time during the day then a grown up happy hour then dinner, after dinner drinks.. a couple hours later boardwalk time come back, put the kids to bed then play grown up cards and games and more drinks. I feel I can make it through a few days of this but I am afraid I will cave in eventually. Should I bring those non alcoholic beverages as a standby ??