need real help asap

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need real help asap

Unread postby proudmommie4 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:46 am

I'm new to this but don't know what else to do or where to go to actually get some real answers. I'm a 32 yr old mother of 4 beautiful children which due to an unfortunate accident that had nothing to do with me their father or drugs had dhs get involved thankfully my son sustained only one minor injury an since has fully recovered yet of course dhs had to ask if I did aAmy type of drugs and since I don't lie I admitted to smoking to weed which of course they found in my system anyhow yes I smoke weed but only at night after my kids are asleep due to having extreme anxiety or I can't fall asleep i can't an don't smoke any other time except at night because it makes me sleepy I prefer to smoke alil weed each nite rather then be prescribed zannies/kps or any other meds used for anxiety due to them being addictive not to mention they make u feel an look like a zombie so dhs court orderd me to have a dual diagnosis an orderd me to see a therapist for mental as well as go to some sort of drug councling/group and or meetings but I have no health insurance an after being turnd down by welfare many times and getting no help from dhs or social services I'm desperate to hopefully find a place or program or weekly meetings that are free and accepts walk ins ect I have court April 15 an need to be ingaged or involved in some type of self help ect or they are going to ask that my kids be placed with family as kinship untill I find something and I can't nor will i have that so with that said does anyone know of any type of meetings or groups or councling that does not require insurance in the phila area time is running out and I'm losing hope Please if anyone has any info that will help let me know and or email me at thank you very much

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