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Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:43 pm
by slf9x
Hey everyone :) Drinking isn't making me happy at this time in my life. Im not looking to give up drinking for good, and have no issues with abusing or feeling like i need to drink all the time. But lately, I have been using it as a means for escape from some issues in my life and have been choosing to go out a lot with my friends at night especially during these nights around the holidays. Ive decided I want to take a break from drinking, for an undetermined period of time. But have a feeling that once I get going, Im not going to want to give up my sobriety. Ive always felt my best when I don't drink. I get a good nights sleep, I'm productive the next day, and I am more focused on being healthy and doing what makes me happy. Drinking seems to cloud my judgement and can push me towards making decisions that I know I normally would not make. I feel like i have so much potential inside of me to be the person I know I am supposed to be, and drinking has always seems to hinder progress Ive made in other aspects of my life. Anyways, I just decided to join this AA community, to hopefully gain some support and surround myself with other people who are going through the same thing. I know my story is not as tragic as many, but I do feel like drinking is holding me back from so many things. And to me, that is everything. At this point, my wellbeing, health, and sanity are at stake and I want to get control on this as soon as I can so I have the best chance to get over this time in my life. Im planning on attending a couple of meetings but am very nervous to go, and definitely too shy to say anything at this point. I hope I can gain the courage to get involved in this community to really feel like I have outside support. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and I think this entire community is so amazing and I am very grateful that you all are here.

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Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:06 am
by emack
welcome!!! it seems like for a person who 'dose not have a problem",you are sure worried about the affects that drinking has on your life.when I see words like"escape",'making bad decisions","drinking is holding me back" it has to make ya think.
you are the only one who can help you,we can cheer ya on and be there for support but you have to make the choice.good luck and God bless.