help for my huby

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help for my huby

Unread postby jelly » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:42 am

Ok try to look over spelling i am the worst speller youll ever meet but i need help and am lost

My hubby has been taking percs for about a year i found out 5 months ago and thout he had stoped found out yesterday he has not and we need help he knows he needs help but does not think anyone can help him. he can not go to rehab because of work. He is a very manly man. it has taken a lot for him to admit he needs help he does not wont anyone invaled but knows i need him to try consaling or some thing. he is will to go to keep me. i love my husband so much and will do anything to help him. does anyone know of any Docs, consalers in the KOP area? If i am going to get him to see some one they have to be good!!! But of coures we dont have a lot of money he has med inc.

Any help would be great we do not have families and its all on me!
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Re: help for my huby

Unread postby Guest » Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:40 pm

You have medical insurance so that's a good start. If I were you, I would make an appointment for him with a doctor and see what he (the doctor) says. Then your husband should try to go to NA meetings (they're free). Realizing that you are not alone fighting the disease does help, and sometimes just listening to other people's stories is an eye opener. There's help out there for both of you.

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