Desire not the problem

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Desire not the problem

Unread postby francophile » Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:07 pm

I was drunk for most of my adult life. now that i have been clean for about six months, i have begun having really bad anxiety and panic attacks. i honestly have no desire to drink but the perpetual fear is really affecting my quality of life. is this experience fairly common?
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Re: Desire not the problem

Unread postby J23 » Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:38 am

I am not a expert on anything but some things that come to mind that have helped me.

You have probably been avoiding anxiety with alcohol for a long time and might need learn some strategies.
Learn about anxiety.

You may have been hindered in dealing with some of your responsibilities and may have some real situations to take care of that will cause you real stress.
Try you get help with your taxes or what ever your day to day obstacles you face.

Try to isolate as much of your anxiety as possible. Like my car needs breaks and a taillight and the paint is scratched. Try to compartmentalize these stresses and see that a $4.95 tail light bulb will solve 1/3 of your car problem. Remember getting out the door is often the hardest part.
Then work on the breaks.
Let the paint scratch go for now because it does not prevent you from getting to work safely.
Reward your self when you get something done.
Then relax a little knowing that you don't need a whole new car in this example

Make some time every day to make a to do list. It can help with the breaking down your anxiety from a vast darkness into problems that cause you stress.
Get some stuff taken care of every day, working on one thing at a time.
Then set aside time were you let things be.

You may have been self medicating with alcohol and might need some help with your anxiety.
Talk to a doctor if you can.

Re: Desire not the problem

Unread postby forevergrowing » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:35 pm

One of the greatest things I have learned in AA is that alcohol and other substances were not our problem but our solution. All of the "problems" in our life are what lead us to alcohol... so alcohol became our solution, our escape. When we take away the alcohol we are left with the same issues as before with no solution. That is why we become so depressed and anxious after a certain amount of dry time.... That's where we turn to AA and the 12 steps.... the fellowship is amazing!! Try it... it changes many, many lives... from irritable, discontent, and miserable to happy, joyous and free!! Give it a chance... There's a differance between living sober(dry without a solution) to living a program of recovery ( with The solution)... The Big Book is our text to living this new found life!!!

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