i have been there

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i have been there

Unread postby charla048 » Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:46 am

well let me say this for 9 1/2 years i was out there and i mean out there for real to drugs,alcohol it was all over the place the week was party but the weekend was party hard as possible and dont stop until you drop or go to jail and usually the latter happened all of the time, well i finally got tired of that mess and well here i am now going on 16 months of sobriety and i feel great let me explain how i got this far ok well november 28,2007 i was arrested in my own home and went to jail they were offering me 2 to 10 years prison term i said no and each time i went to court that is all they would tell me well finally i just prayed and finally i let my higher power take over instead of me running everything and he put something called star in my way well i did not know what i was getting into but i took it and well i soon found out i went to a rehab for 3 months, then this star program took over and it goes on colors and ive gone through 3 colors already and ready to graduate on june 2 of this year, i have just graduated from my sop group and am doing very well i am doing sponsorship and am looking forward to my first sponsee so anyone out there who might be afraid i was too and really still am everyday is a new day and an exciting one as well but all we can do is take it one day at a time when i graduate i will have 18 months.
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