1st time here, and 1st attempt to visit a meeting

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1st time here, and 1st attempt to visit a meeting

Unread postby cupoftea » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:50 pm

:roll: Just tried to go to my first meeting, they had changed the time.(Just my luck). Had taken the bus so I was stuck in the town I know little about for over an hr waiting for a bus..Good thing I wasn't hurting for a drink,I counted 5 bars at least in just a couple blocks...I'll try again tomorrow. Need some feedback, been victim of organized crime, gang stalking, and gov cover up, it's tough to deal w/ all this on my own. There is a support site for it but It's not helping me. (ffchs) I need more types of support. What I'm going through is just too unbelievable! Courts have been in support of the criminals! A basic refusal to assist a victim. It has driven me to drink, to deal w/ the fear and the anguish of being in the hands of psychopaths that get rewarded for tormenting me! Swallowing my pride 1 bottle at a time.
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