Trying to Determine Initial Course of Action/Pharmacological

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Trying to Determine Initial Course of Action/Pharmacological

Unread postby jststartin » Tue Feb 06, 2007 3:57 pm

I have posted previously, and am trying to go about treating my problem with drinking. As I mentioned previously, I have a number of comorbid psych issues which put me at a higher risk for alcohol. I have ADD, major chronic depression, dysmentia depression and generalized anxiety disorder. For a while I thik I was self-medicating with alcohol instead of treating my issues with proper psych assistance and pharmacology.

I have started to seek psychiatric treatment and meet with a psychiatrist once a month for the above referenced issues and have started to try and treat my ADD, depression and GAD. I was also thinking that I might benefit from intensive outpatient therapy (congitive behavioral, etc.) and wondered if anyone has taken this route and what success if any was had. This approach can be very costly, but if it is worth the investment
I would definetly be willing to spend the money on it.

I would also like to know if anyone knows anything about various pharmacological approaches to curbing one's desire for alcohol. I have gotten some good feedback from this board re: Antabuse, but I was curious about other treatments (i.e. Campral, Revia, and Acomprosate). Does anyone have any experience with these medications.

I would also be interested in attending a meeting but not neccesarily participating fully on my first try. Should I attend a "speaker's meeting?" Is it better to attend a "begginer's meeting." Please advise if you would. Any information would be helpful.

Unread postby Guest » Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:29 pm

hey jststartin,

from my own experience, I would say that medication combined with therapy is key to any kind of recovery. I need both to stay sober and understand what triggers the urge to drink.

I hope other people on this board can tell you more about Campral and other medications. Again I'd rather go the other route and use therapy as well as support groups to help. I try to avoid heavy stuff with major side effects. I want to go to the root of my problems, and I find it easier to work with my therapist when I'm not heavily medicated.

If I were you, I would attend a beginner's meeting. A lot of people go every day and sometimes twice a day in the beginning. To me it has as important as taking any kind of medication.

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