Monday Doylestown Meeting

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Monday Doylestown Meeting

Unread postby Guest » Mon May 30, 2011 4:33 am

Does anyone know anything about the 8:30pm meeting in Doylestown on Monday nights? What kind of meeting it is?

I got a DUI (first one) on Friday night and I'm thinking it's time I deal with this problem. I figure my sobriety is the only thing I can control at this point and no matter what happens when I get my court date, I can at least know I'm doing what I need to do. SOOOO, Doylestown at 8:30 is the first meeting I can realistically get to. I'm just concerned it may be a step meeting - which isn't what I'm looking for (until I get to that point, anyway). This site doesn't say what it is.

Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks.

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