need motivation

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need motivation

Unread postby moogie02 » Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:38 pm

i need motivation getting to an alonon meeting...i was married to a heroin addict for 5 years (all together we were together for 8 years) we got seperated 2 years ago because he couldnt stay clean, and i finally had enough..about 8 months ago, i met someone..on our first date, he told me he was in recovery and was sober for 5 years..i thught that it was safe, but he relapsed during our time together..i'm in love with him so leaving now would be easier said than done..i have a ton of emotions going on about this and i find myself starting to get father was an alcoholic, so i see where this sort of 'acceptance" comes from but i just cant believe that i am getting into the same situation that i left..i feel as if i'm doomed..there are many men that i've met and not seemed to click with anyone as i do with my current boyfriend..aside from the addiction, he is a wonderful man and i just cant turn away from that..someone please tell me that i'm not crazy..i cant talk to my friends and family about this bc i already know what i am going to hear...
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Unread postby Guest » Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:28 am

is he going to meetings and does he try to get sober again? Be careful not to get hurt too much, but you know the routine so maybe you're stronger. There's definitely a pattern here, and it may be interesting to work with a therapist to try to break that pattern.

Al-anon meetings are great as a support, but only a professional can help you see what's going on.

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