Looking to make new friends

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Looking to make new friends

Unread postby mhanico » Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:27 pm

My name is Sean I'm a 38 year old guy from the Germantown-Mt. Airy section of the city. I wasn't raised here though I'm originally from Chester County. Moved here with my Wife about 5 years ago.
I'm a laid back Guy, educated and cultured. Not into sports but love music, movies and outdoor stuff like camping. While I do have a busy schedule during the week at times I'd like to have someone to hang out with from time to time. I quit drinking and using almost 2 years ago. I attend meetings in Roxborough, Germantown and King of Prussia.
I pretty much am a homebody who doesn't have many close friends here and am looking for a bud to hang out with.
If your interested in getting to know me better email me at thebrokenone74@gmail.com
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