Here it goes...

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Here it goes...

Unread postby ajf2 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:01 am

Hello everyone. I am in my mid twenties and I have definitely had a lot of problems from my drinking in my past. Some very embarrassing things have happened that I'm ashamed. I don't always have a problem when I drink. However it seems like every few months there's an incident of some kind. I stopped drinking back in November and didn't have a drop of alcohol from November 2011 till February of 2012. I live with my fiance and she likes to have a glass of wine on the weekends and I guess I just finally gave into the temptations. Of course after that first glass of wine I began drinking my usual on the weekends. Pick up a six pack on friday and saturday type thing. Before you know it I'm drinking till 6 pm on Sunday too. Before you know it I'm have a few drinks before I go to my public speaking class before I have to do a speech so that I have more confidence to do it. Now I find myself not being able to sleep sometimes and after a few drinks I pop a benadryl or 2. Not to mention the fact that I am taking diet pills and making completely wreckless ill-advised decisions. I've never been to A.A. and really am just posting this to get it off my chest and maybe if any of you have suggestions on reading material etc? I definitely am going to go to A.A. at some point this week. I haven't had any incidents since I started drinking again in February but deep down inside I know it's just a ticking time bomb waiting to erupt. It's denial. The hardest part for me is getting to friday / saturday after a long week of work and going to college I just let loose with the alcohol. But I hate the hangovers and sluggishness the next day. Even though I guess I don't cause any problems as of recently I still don't like some of the comments or conversation I engaged in while intoxicated. I just really don't like the after effects of this drinking. I don't know if I'd consider myself an alcoholic by the book but I know that I definitely prefer the sober life.
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Re: Here it goes...

Unread postby mhanico » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:47 pm

Being an Alcoholic doesn't all have to do with the war stories. Its mainly having issues with drinking and not being able to stay sober. You have to be honest with yourself when it comes to your patterns of drinking. From what you described it does sound like you have a problem, but that has to really be decided and accepted by you. This may be a good link to check out:
But there are many other good sites out there about drinking which you should check out. KNow that every Alcoholic is different. Not all of us have drank the same. Some drank heavy loads daily and never spent many sober moments while others were bindge drinkers. Some tie on several on the weekends which later graduates to drinking to get by certain situations and later drinking just to deal with the stressors of the day.
Everyone is different.
It would be a good idea if your thnining about it to check out a meeting in your area.
Meetings are pretty cool and there are lots of others who have been where you are and can relate to you.
I hope this helps and wish you the best in your journey...
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Re: Here it goes...

Unread postby bbmcgee65 » Tue May 22, 2012 1:16 am

hi, my name is bb and i am a recovering alcoholic. i have been in the program of AA since April 19, 2005, and for that i am truly grateful. it sounds like you have a case of the yets..."i havent done that yet, i havent been to jail yet, i havent had a dui yet and so on....." if you think you have a problem with alcohol, which by the sound of your story, you are still pondering...try going to a meeting, and when they ask if anyone is attending their first aa meeting, raise your hand. at my home group if anyone is at their first meeting, it becomes a newcomer meeting. get some stories, listen to the similarities and not the differences. everyone has a bottom, not all are the bottom of a dumpster. it sounds like you have a lot of positive things in your life, it would be a shame to lose everything as a result of your drinking. nobody wants to be an alcoholic, nobody signs on for that, but it is a disease, and should be treated as such...just abstaining is treating the symptom, you want to treat the problem, and in order to do that, you need to know what that is...for me, i am the problem, but i am also the solution...check out a local meeting, and do it TODAY. not next week, always can find the time to drink, you can find a meeting the same way. you will never know until you take action. just a word of advise from someone who has been only gets worse, never better...and it is progressive....check it out, if you dont like it, they will gladly refund your be true to yourself, and to your family, it sounds like you will be starting a new life with your fiance, i got sober 9 days before my wedding, and it was the best thing i ever know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. good luck, hope it helped
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