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Unread postby Tattoo0820 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:28 pm

im 18 years old ive been getting high and drunk everyday as long as i can remember. just recently ive gone through an extremley tough breakup and decided to get clean and my life back on track. i wouldnt say there is a certin drug i am addicted to, i feel im just addicted to being high in general from weed to perscription pills. my father was an alcoholic for over 25 years and died from alcohol related causes this year making it extremley difficult for me to stay sober. i have only been clean for like 12 hours and it is killing me, i cant sleep if i am not high or have been recently its all i think about; im broke from buying so many drugs i recently started selling things and stealing things to sell them for money. im thinking about going to NA meetings but i dont know where to start, like i know where to go and everything but i dont know if im supposed to bring someone or go by myself, also i feel extremley ashamed of all my actions and dont know if i should tell freinds (i dont have many at all) or keep it to myself. if somone could give me advice on what to do or encouragement it would be greatly appricated. thankyou

Re: help

Unread postby Hope » Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:59 am

You have everything to live for. You can turn your life around. Drugs are not everything. Think about all the other things in life that make you happy. Life is a struggle first of all being sober. You ever think about traveling or a great job in life or saving someone else life. What about meeting that great other person who makes you feel wonderful about yourself and life. It really does exist. Make goals for yourself. Not hard ones at first but little ones that make you proud of yourself. Go to a meeting by yourself. Be strong for yourself. No one else matters in life right now but you. Don't be ashame of anything you do. We are all human and everyone makes big mistakes in life. There is nothing you can do that can't be fixed. Have faith, hope, and believe in yourself.

Re: help

Unread postby CHAMPION » Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:59 am

Just go to the meeting. They are walk -in. Just go. If you are shy, just listen to others speak for now, but it is better if you share your pain, so others will be able to help you. I am addicted to heroin, and am fighting it to get sober and stay sober. Call on The Most High, by singling Him out in worship, and ask Him to help you, then go and meet others who are in recovery. Get phone numbers at the meetings. But it is important to supplicate regularly to The Most High for His help. If you can go to detox, go today. This way you can deal with the withdrawal symptoms, but beware of becoming addicted to methadone.
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Re: help

Unread postby abclimo » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:29 pm

Tattoo: Hi and welcome. When I read your posting I hear so much pain in your words. So many of us self medicate with drugs/alcohol so we don't have to feel that pain or to lessen the pain we do feel. Addiction is such a clever enemy. It has us tell lies that even we start to believe, it has us stealing from ourselves and from others to support it and it has us put it above and before everything else. Don't be ashamed to go to a meeting, people who go to meetings have been where you are at now and they can help you get past what you are dealing with addiction wise. At the same time, it's so important to deal with the emotional pain that you have, it's what keeps us sick. You can bring a friend or family member to a meeting with you, as long as its an open meeting and you can find that out if you google narcotics anonymous and look for a meeting list. If you don't feel welcome at the first meeting you go to, find others, they are NOT all the same. If you are not comfortable sharing at first, just go and listen to what is being said, you'll find that it's not so different that what you have going on. Get phone lists and call those people before you use, if you can't get ahold of the first person, keep calling down the lists until you can talk to someone and you get past your cravings. Eventually find someone you feel you can talk to willingly, honestly and openly and ask that person to be your sponsor. Keep posting here, we're all here to help each other. Even once you have some clean time, don't be surprised if you get cravings or temptation pops up into your life. It's important to put a plan of action into place for when that happens, because it definitely will happen. You don't specify what type of prescription pills you are taking but some can be very dangerous to detox from if you're not under medical supervision. If you are able to go to a detox, definitely go. Insurance or financial inability is not an issue. It's important to pick up the phone and call a detox/rehab near to you and let them help you. You can do this, it's a challenging journey, but so worth it!
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Re: help

Unread postby ROSES2012 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:38 pm

Hey - how the hell can i email people on this site like for chatting??
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