So many suffer

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So many suffer

Unread postby Joev7 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:33 pm

I've been visiting this site for a year and 5 months and in that time so many posts seem to be reaching out for help they desperately need. I was also. This site helped me find a way into the rooms. If you are on this site chances are you are suffering inside not knowing what the hell to do. I was so afraid to walk into a meeting. My head didn't win that battle, thankfully, I walked in and sat down. Best and simplest thing I ever did! Walk in. Doing that has turned my feeble existence into a not just livable but enjoyable life! That wasn't possible to me. I had been thinking of suicide, how I could isolate myself from others, if I could just stay drunk/ oblivious I'd be.. Ok. That is not sane thinking. Thankfully, I heard in meetings after meetings the same insane thoughts that others were having or had were same going through my head. Sometimes crazy precise coincidences like they were in my thoughts!
If you're on this site and haven't gone to a meeting, please go. The best advice I heard was don't drink, keep coming back. It can be painfully slow, was for me, I believe I'm the smartest, brightest, dumbest, no one gets what's going on in my head.
I was wrong. You probably are too if you're reading this.

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