Just lost a family friend to heroin

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Just lost a family friend to heroin

Unread postby Madredel » Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:23 pm

Devastated. This kid started using a month ago and died from an overdose. He was a household fixture. Talking to my child I discovered 3 other family friends are users. ( I knew of one) One went to rehab 3 times and still struggles? How do we help these kids?!? I am vigilant with my kids always talking openly and honestly and still had no clue this friend was using. My child pulled away from the users until they got help for themselves..even arguing the day before with one to get his act together. This young man was getting the shots needed to withdraw but never made it to the third one. We are all heartsick. They are all over 21 and feel like it could never happen to them, but my God, they are still kids! We live 5 minutes from Trenton which is where they get their heroin. If a kid from the suburbs can get a connection in Trenton tell me how the cops over there don't know who the dealers are and bust them? Is it a gang thing? Why is it so easy to score? What alternatives can we offer our kids? Why do they do it at all? Boredom? Ennui? The best high ever? What can we do as parents and friends to prevent this epidemic? I know I'm rambling, but I feel utterly helpless and I joined this forum to hear what others are doing to help. Thank you.

Re: Just lost a family friend to heroin

Unread postby DrSheilaHereNow » Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:26 pm

HI: I understand your devastation. I have gone to three funerals for Heroin Addicts-- all in their 20's. Perhaps I can help you understand where it starts. It starts with using any drug before 21 years of age. Generally, with this generation the gateway drug is Pot. Parents allow their high school kids to smoke because "it is better than drinking." Fact is, they are encouraging their kids to get used to a mind altering substance. The other problem with any drug with teens is that there is no peer pressure against it. Just those who use and those who are straight-edge. Heroin is rarely the first drug tried. Generally it is a gradual increase, for a better and better high.

I have read that the first time use of Heroin is a high unlike any other. And, from that day forward, the user seeks that one time experience. Ultimately, they can't stop. Generally, they overdose after Rehab. Many leave Rehab already looking to score. They use the same amount of heroin that they had been using before getting clean. Their bodies can't handle it.

So, there are two places to focus your energy: prevention or remission. Many schools need to institute programs in the baby grades to help impressionable kids to understand that they should not use drugs.

High school is too late.

The other place is educating parents. Any parent whose child is using, the child of an addict, or living with an addict should be in Al-Ateen and Al Anon.

Seek the help of organizations that specialize in Drug Awareness and see what they have to offer.

I wish you peace.

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