Nephew needs help

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Nephew needs help

Unread postby Cassidy » Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:17 am

My nephew is 18 , he dropped out of school ,grand mom and aunt passed away , his mother washed her hands because his addictions were hurting the other children in the family ,she is no help and has her own problems ,( refuses to deal) his father is on drugs as well . My nephew is on the streets , he lies, he steals and occasionally stays with pop pop who can't say no. My father boards his windows never leaves his home because he knows his grandson will come in when he's not there. That's why he boarded everything . I explained that's breaking and entering , he's not the same child we all knew . I told my father to contact the police to get him removed. I need to intervene . My father is 76 years old . I'm at a loss . I think I need to get senior victims involved, I know people there. When it's your own family .You find yourself alone and unsure . My father says not to do anything , but his frustration and comments come out . I think he wants me to rescue him . . I love my nephew , but he has been kicked out of rehabs and not in a good place . I can't help him if he does not want the help . My father, I can help . I'm all over the place . I need guidance to go in the right direction .

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