Cant find time to attend meetings

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Cant find time to attend meetings

Unread postby Cam94 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:59 am

Hello, I have limited free time and cant make time to attend more meetings.
I have been sober for 3 months now to this exact day and regularly attended 3 to 4 meetings a week. I no longer have enough free time to attend many more meetings throughout the week. Which led me to this website, most of my free time is at night past 9pm, which i cant find meetings this late into the night in my area. Im curious to how the online sobriety works and would love to become an active member.
A little about me: I am a young guy, have been an alcoholic for the past 6 years. Which has caused many legal/social problems in my life.
Drinking problem: Before 3 months ago, I would consistently drink everyday when I was off work. I would drink until I was blacked out, passed out or had no alcohol left in my possession. I have had 3 dui's and a pending felony resulting from this problem, i have lost family and friends due to my drinking. Lots of other problems which i wont go into now because i dont want to write a book as my first post.

I cant make time to meet and work the steps with a sponsor in person.
I would love to find an online sponsor that could potentially help me work through the steps and any other life situations at may occur.
I understand that an online sponsor might not be the most timely person to help work through life problems due to differences in online activity.
My councilor recommends i get a sponsor, so i figured this might be the best option for me with my current busy/late night schedule. I am ready to start working the steps and obtain a sponsor that can help guide me through and help me along the way. I am looking for a sponsor that shares similar higher power as myself. I am a catholic and believe in God.
With that ill end this post. All help would be appreciated, thanks again and i hope to be active nightly. I am also free to help if anyone else is struggling.
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